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(REQ) Looking for pecan base for Pecan Swirl


I have no experience using pecan flavors, looking to make a food conversion for the pecan swirl. I did a hypothetical recipe but I haven’t had a chance to mix it yet.

Looking for input for pecan base in pecan swirl


Gooooood luck brother. Pecan seems to be another one of those elusive/problem flavors.
I’ve tried several Butter Pecan flavors, and none of them have even remotely approached what I expect from the Pecan side of things.

I’ll be watching with interest though!
Best of luck.


pecan swirls aren’t really pecan strong flavored, but i’ll try. I ordered FW, but they said maple pecan is good too. I’m going to mix it with cinnamon roll fw and probably AP/hazelnut. thanks for the comment though


How about butter pecan ice cream purilum?


Notes say that the pecan ice cream is high in ice cream and low in pecan. While it would be ideal, i’m trying to have a strong pecan that I can control in low quantities. thanks for the advice though


@juice_junkie_lover sent me some TPA pecan awhile back to mix a recipe and the pecan seemed pretty strong, i dont have a lot of experiance with it but i think JJL may be able to give some input … and i apologize in advance for summoning you so much lately JJL


Lol! Yea pecan is really strong. I think it’s true to its taste but if used wrong it can taste bitter as hell. It’s one of tfa’s stronger flavors.


I’ve tried butter pecan personally it carries a pretty even blend of pecan if you don’t overdo other creamy flavors with it. It stands out and makes a difference on it’s own so I do count it as base flavor but I use it as background flavor it works fine.


btw it wasnt strong in the mix just the flavor itself lol


I use butter pecan (FW). I really like it. I’ve not tried other pecan flavors and I don’t think I will purchase any in the near future because I like the one that I’ve got.


Thanks for all the responses so far folks, I’ve got butter pecan (FW) coming in the mail, and i’ll be mixing it to hopefully copy that roll-y goodness. anyway, heres to waiting for vapemail.


If you manage to get this flavor right please do let us know.


I had a strange thing happen to my Pecan (FW) in a recipe once. At first it tasted good, then after about 2-3 weeks the juice turned pink and it was bitter as hell. It scared me off of FW Pecan. Is it possible I got a tainted batch or something?


Perhaps t didn’t play nice with something else in the mix. Also possible that it was a dud, I’ve never experienced that.


This flavor is in development.


Thanks for the heads up on this one! :thumbsup:


Well, not having tried it yet, it’s possible that Coop’s right…

But my first thought was perhaps your level of flavor was ‘ok’ for a SnV, but once it steeped, it actually proved to be too much flavoring was used (as per JJL’s note above, with TFA turning bitter when too much is used…).

This is just a hunch though, as it’s insufficient data currently to make an educated guess.


I used it in a recipe called Bust ‘A’ Nut. Followed the percentages to a T. Wasn’t that a recipe of Alisa’s on Bull City Vapor? Like I said, I really liked it and then…the Butter Pecan (FW) became like hazardous waste or something! I’ve used it in another recipe and it was fine. Maybe it suddenly reached it’s expiration date and poof! Idk, the whole experience was strange.


Did the bust a nut mix go foul or the concentrate? I’ve got some BAN that’s 6 months old and its still great. I’ve had pg go rank and bitter before, took me a while to work it out too :rage:


I use and really like Flavor West Butter Pecan. For recipes, I add TPA Pecan flavor but use it sparingly (as noted above, it is REALLY strong and can easily overpower any recipe). A new addition to my flavor chest is Wonder Flavours Butter Pecan Pie that I picked up from Bull City Flavors. Yum. WF also makes a Roasted Pecans & Cream flavor that I have not tried yet.

If you like butter pecan recipes, this is one that I have been experimenting with and vaping a lot lately. It’s actually Butter Pecan Pie but the crust notes are subtle to my palate. Adjust to yours accordingly or omit pie crust and biscuit entirely: http://tjek.nu/r/k0fE

If you are looking for a Pecan Danish type recipe, consider mixing the recipe above with TPA Cinnamon Danish Swirl.