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[REQ] So I was asked to try make an American cream soda type flavour


Hey Bud, I don’t have any TPA vanilla swirl, is there anything I could substitute vbic or vanilla custard or just vanilla? I’m not familiar with the flavor profile of vanilla swirl.


Lol, u made me work on this again, dragging out the scale as u typed. I d use vbic over a custard. I was thinking about the acids again and since grape has the 2nd highest tartaric acid, ill be trying that w/ grape juice tpa and iam guessing 1%


U may be happy w/ the cream soda sc rf solo w/o vanilla, ive honestly never tried it solo


I’ve never tried it solo either. TBH I’ve never tried it period. It’s one of those flavors that sounded good at the time but once I got it I didn’t know what to use it for, so it just kinda sat there on the shelf :laughing:
Now I gotta uncap it and try it


trial #1 mixed


Looks interesting… need steep time you think, with the vanilla swirl?


Wth. That post was unitentional lol


I was gonna ask, but thought better of it :laughing:


I have exactly the same problem with cream soda, virtually tasteless…


So TFA cream soda doesn’t taste like much? I was going to try it tonight with some TFA Blackberry. Read that cream soda was a bit weak and was going to try cs at 8% and bb at 2% and go from there.

I’ve also tried FW red cream soda (or tall maroon soda). It was on the weaker side as well. Like the flavor just don’t know what to boost it with.


Hey I finally bit the bullet and bought cream soda ooo and to my surprise it is excellent. My friend wanted me to clone a blueberry italian soda called shoot one blue. I couldn’t figure out what soda they were using until I got this flavor! Thanks so much! It’s fw blueberry with ooo cream soda. I just need to play with the percentages. This is by far the best cream soda flavor I have had to date. I still need to pick up some RF soda base. I just noticed that bullcity started carrying the SC version of it. I’m going to pick it up when I place my next order with them. Thanks again!


did ya try oba oba yet, just got some and will be attempting something soon.


Haven’t run across where you’ve mentioned it elsewhere (or I’ve forgotten), but regardless, I added it to the list!

Thanks for wading through your obvious frustration in repeating yourself and posting your thoughts again /sigh (LOL). But I appreciate your sharing!


Thanks for confirming mix’s thoughts!

That’s always an awesome feeling and moment! :grinning: congrats on finding the key!

And thanks for sharing:

That sounds absolutely delectable! Love FW Blueberry!

I’m also hoping for a nice match-up with shisha strawberry. And then I’ll look to a goal of creating a Big Red (soda, not gum) flavor…


an amazing flavor , one that i just recently grabbed and havent been able to stop mixing with it , i had a horrible time with blueberry until this


Same here!

3% FW BB just puts a smile on my face!


really ? that low ? ive been at 5ish as the top note , ill bring it down to 3 to see if i get a better or similar effect , ty if i can use less i will


Yeah, I started out with 6% (which felt “a tad” overpowering) but as I kept whittling it down, it just kept “opening up”! I was amazed!
3% is my SF preference for it, but depending on what you pair it with, you may keep it at 3% (even in a mix) or dial it down.

Also, had a somewhat similar experience with FW butterscotch natural, but in a different way with that one. For the longest time, I used it at 6%, and wasn’t realizing that it was actually overpowering other flavors in my mix. Until one day, I did 4 variations of the same mix (in a side by side refinement shootout), and had an “Oh WOW!” moment. Dialing FW BS back to 4% made a substantial improvement in that case!

Apologies to the OP for the temporary derail!


sound advise , i will try to lower the BB in this BB ice cream mix ive liked lately , ty


Am I the only one who gets a rather strong carbonation effect from Lemonade (FW)? I can’t stand it for more than 2 or 3 puffs and always have to steep it out (a month or more). I haven’t noticed anything like it with other flavors but then again, I haven’t tried a lot of carbonated drinks flavors yet.