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[REQ] So I was asked to try make an American cream soda type flavour


Had a search for “soda” and “cream soda” on the site but either I’m missing something or I just can’t find anything.



Most will just use a stand alone flavor for cream soda (American type).
You can buy the single flavor of cream soda from flavorwest and (haven’t seen it around from them, lately, but different vendors carry different selections) the flavor apprentice. Check around the vendors or order direct.
Hope it helps. It is also an excellent flavor enhancer.


real flavors sc cream soda is good


you think so? I have been trying for a decent cream soda for awhile. I didn’t get much flavor from it. What percentage do you mix it at?


As u know, that depends on what u want to achieve but 1-3 %

is a good one and have a few of my own that use about 1.5 w/ a single other fruit flavor


Thank you. I will pull it outta my drawer and of the dust. I’ll have to revisit it. I did let it steep 4-6 weeks before vaping. Have you experienced any flavor fade with it? I’ll test at 1 & 2 weeks this time.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


some people have w/ certain sc rfs, jury still out as most ive use are only 1-2 weeks tops


Cheers guys I’ll do single flavour of a few and then go from there. Possibly add some vbic see how they like it after a steep.


did mix one on a whim, a mix race actually but turned out ok, wip needs lil more and/or another cherry


Didn’t know that RF had one, too! Seems like every time I visit their website I see something new. I usually try to limit my “window shopping”, but every time I wind up buying a few.
Guess this one will have to join my next shopping cart. :laughing:


Try Oba Oba by FA


While this is not an answer to the question. It is where “Cream” soda came to be known by that name. It may help you discover the missing ingredient.

While most modern sodas are made with citric acid or phosophoric acid, a large part of cream soda’s distinctive flavor comes from the use of tartaric acid. Tartaric acid is more commonly known as cream of tartar, which could very easily be the origin of the name. The phrase ‘cream soda’ was used in print to refer to a tartaric acid-based drink as early as 1852.
Ref: Wikipedia


Suggested it before and i will again (sigh) OOO cream soda is the best by far also tried :FW,RF, TFA
As a SF 7% should be sufficient.


Does it have a carbonation effect?


There are no flavors that will have actual carbonation. The closest thing I’ve found to have a carbonated “feel” is Real Flavors soda base and even that is pretty far from actually feeling carbonated.
Although I’ve never tried it, I have heard that if you add a small percentage of vanilla flavor ( I don’t know which brand) to whatever you’re wanting to “cream”, it goes a long way towards achieving that taste.


No it does not have a carbonation effect but is a spot on cream soda. For carbonation try @Walt_RealFlavors soda base additive. I use it at 0.5% VG version with sucess…


Lol! Anytime I see ooo as a good flavor I sigh as well! Most of they’re flavors I haven’t had much luck with. I have like 3 that I’ve been happy with out of 30. I’ll definitely put this on my list though. Thank you :slight_smile:


I think most ooo flavors are usable only a few are truly great tho . I find many of them actually get stronger as they steep which can cause one to overflavor whereas say 3% might taste good as a SNV while a full steep with that percentage may get ugly. Some examples of this are:
Ooo sugar cone (down from 2% to just 0.25%)
Ooo graham cracker down from (1% reduced to just 0.17%)
Ooo frosted flakes (down from 3% to 0.75%)
Ooo red starburst (reduced from 3% to 1%)
Same goes for ooo crean soda 12% may be lovely at first but if you plan on steeping i suggest keep it under 7%


Useful info there so any fruit w/ tartaric will help out your overall cream soda attempt.


More fun, retested mix posted here and found it to be quite good. The cherry really doesnt show up for taste but think its doing its job to help out the cream taste. I revisited sparkling wine LA for the fizz by adding a drop. I think this will be good if u work on the %s but sparkling wine/champagne fades within a few days and has dryness. i know of a few people that add distilled water at low % to remove the dryness.