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[REQ] The Gentleman's Reserve - All Time Best Selling Vape Juice!


Thank you!


Well if we’re sharing here’s my adaptation:

Castle Long v3 (Adapted from EWS)

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 2
Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon) (FA) 2
Brown Sugar (TPA) 2.5
Coconut (Delosi) 5
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 5
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 1
Oak Wood (FA) 2.5
Toasted Almond (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 23%

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I sometimes sub Cap Coconut at the same % cuz the Delosi is pricey.


@JoJo I like this adaptation. There are two approaches to Castle Long and one has half the whisky%. I like the EWS recipe because of it’s stoutness. I see you lowered the Kentucky Bourbon by 1% which I may adopt in my next batch. I also subbed Marzipan (FA) @1% for the Toasted Almond @ 3% which I may also lower a little along with the KB to get to more of an ADV, but I really like the sweetness (and overall richness!) that came from the Marzipan. My recipe also uses my own OakedVG base I make by infusing oak cubes in VG/PDO which gives a much more palatable toasted Oakeyness. (Search “Oak Barrel” on Forum)

I just created a half liter of that base and was looking for recipes and doing some tweaking, and this thread is right on time! So thanks to @DarthVapor for the Ylang’s Got Wood share too …I’ll be mixing some of that! @David5362 can take a peek at my Castle Long adaptation below and thanks for that Lazurus Vintage link …I bet that stuff is Primo! I had a Oaked Bourbon Custard I was sure had some actual moonshine as an ingredient. Hmm I wonder if I should get a airline mini of Remy Martin VSOP for a little test :wink:


Thank you!


Thanks for the info and explanation!


@CallMeTut Thanks Brofessor this looks like a good SC RF conversion for Castle Long! I don’t have the Coconut but I do have the Coconut Spiced Rum (SC) (RF) …hmmm might be able to lower some of the other Whisky% …worth a 30ml test :wink: Hah it’ll either be a great pairing …or a train wreck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: thanks for the share!


I have played with the idea of the mini oak barrels for steeping the finished recipe minus the artificial oak flavorings, Thank you, you just reminded me to order a few barrels when I can.


I thought about that as well


Just get toasted oak cubes… works great


Nice! I like it, thanks for the idea!


Have you or anyone here ever tried to re create Lazarus Vintage Journey… Man it’s my unicorn and I’d love to come even close so I can stick with only diy… 35 a bottle is super pricey… And I love this shit lol… It’s a cigar dipped in cognac with a Buttermilk finish… It’s crazy sweet and so addictive… I haven’t met one single person that tried it yet that didn’t love it except one chick that said it was a manly flavor


PS thanks in advance even if nobody is interested lol



Rolled in cognac and glazed with but­ter­milk, this warm and sweet fla­vor is reserved for only the most exclu­sive cig­ars of the world. Mas­ter Chef Bruce has embold­ened the essence of this fla­vor into a stately and smooth aro­matic fla­vor that amazes and inspires all who taste the wealth of the Jour­ney experience.

Responded with lazarus discription. I have had their Sir James excellent stuff, no idea on this one but maybe the description will help some


These super tasty (and usually more expensive) tobacco e-juices are usually NET extractions and not made with our common flavs. You can find more information about extracting tobaccos right here on ELR just type NET in the search box above and set aside a week to read :wink: We have many people here who specialize in getting real tobacco flavor …from tobacco. Also makes cloning an advanced skill, and it’s own separate Rabbit Hole.