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[REQ] Vampire Astaire



I’m looking to find the recipe for this: http://www.eco-vape.uk/dripping-range/dripping-range-vampire-astaire-flavour/ but struggling to find anything. I can find pretty similar recipes but they don’t quite nail it and Google isn’t helping tonight!

Any pointers much appreciated, cheers in advance!



Never had it before. I am thinking this:
TPA Eucalyptus and mint
Flavorah Grape
Flavor west blackberry
TPA Anise
A few drops of any menthol.

Without tasting it, mix with those you might get close.


It seems the liquid you’re looking for has some similarities with Red Astaire. If that’s the case you can perhaps get some ideas of this clone attempt:


Cheers. Will give it a go!


Thanks man


Hi. Did you manage to get this nailed? as I too am looking for this recipe.


Hi Craig, sorry for the delay! I just ended up buying vampire vapes Heisenberg concentrate and leaving it there. Note to self: must be more experimental:)