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[REQ] Vape wild morning ritual


I know vape wild isnt premium juice but they have one named morning ritual. I love that stuff. Its a great all day vape. It also goes extremely well with coffee. Im looking for a recipe that come close to that.
Not sure what ingredients they use but i would really like to make some. I need someones help. If you havent tried it you should! Its not sweet or fruity, just some good stuff. It doent get old, hits really well. Any advice would be appreciated. The description reads that it’s Irish cream coffee cigarettes. Its a complex flavor… HELP??


Can you expand on what exactly you taste from it? All of the different layers or flavors you notice. That might give people a better grasp on which direction you might want to go.


Like I said it’s very complex there’s really no distinct flavors that I recognize other than maybe a tobacco flavor like American red or Western. I can’t taste any sort of coffee in the flavor even though the product describes coffee flavor. The color of the juice is actually a gold more of a light gold almost like a yellow. Even the smell is strange, but good.


From their web site. Funny I just finished a recipe with exactly that in mind. I have no idea what this juice is like

Rewrite your Morning Ritual today and fire up your coils with your cup of joe. This flavor brings back all the reasons why your mornings were great by combining a smoky tobacco flavor with Irish aromatic coffee. This isn’t for the rookies out there. Only our hardened vets know about this age old morning routine!


Yep, so damn good and I have none :frowning:


Send myself and @VapeyMama a sample bottle to test, and Mama will try and recreate it. :sunglasses:


Lol you’re giving me way too much credit… I’ll vape it but I’m not so sure I could recreate it!


Don’t Vapewild now sell flavour concentrates for their liquids now? Be worth looking to see if they sell an Irish coffee conc and a tobacco conc as a starting point?


Can’t help you with a recipe but wanted to say this.
Who decides what is premium and what is not? For me that would be me and it doesn’t have anything to do with vendor,price or diyer but everything with my taste buds


I think whoever tastes them and like them can call them “premium”. A label on a bottle means… Nothing. :wink: Actually… in my experience a premium label usually means $$$.


Good thought, looks like they have a tobacco flavoring and a coffee with cream… Those might be a good starting point.