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REQ vapetasia killer kustard lemon


the remix i have on crunchy cream was pretty good,zeppola really brings out the fried donut or nonna’s cake does the same. HAving trouble w the lemon part as it fades, is good for about 2 weeks tho, the raspberry version i made on aug 5, and im vaping it now and no loss of raspberry flavor ( using 2 for layers ) and 2 at least for lemons but still having lemon issues i would vape the store brand of crunchy cream lemon or killer kustard lemon 100ml in less than 2 days its just so delish and i vape pretty low wattage considering , ( 40 w )


I didn’t take the time earlier to read this presentation. Big mistake, bunch of good stuff here! Thanks again!


Im not sure if it has been mentioned but MF lemon is a very good lemon , potent and doesnt seem to fade like others ( as bad ) plus you only need a drop or two , you could also use it to enhance other lemon flavors … like woftam said though using a touch of lime behind a lemon has brought my lemon / lemonade recipes to life …


Same here bro, Lime Tahiti (Distilled) FA .25 % & lemons are nice and bright. I’ve come to grow attached to anything to do with lemons. Actually waiting on some new ones to get delivered.


Look for some powdered pure food grade Citric Acid in the Food Canning section of your Grocery Store (or just Walmart) It’s used for canning tomatoes. An 8oz jar is a few$ …also cleans the hell out of your coffee maker! …tastes just like Lemon Kool Aid powder


I have not tried vapetasia killer kustard lemon, or any commercial juice since 1/18. If you are looking for a clone to that recipe, you will not find it, not 100%.
I have made a killer lemon curd,… if you have the flavors try it, if you don’t have them, get them…