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REQ vapetasia killer kustard lemon


Hi, anyone help me find this addicting recipe for the lemon verison of KILLER KUSTARD, would I find the clone for killer kustard then add the lemon? Vapetasia’s killer kustard lemon has a really sweet forward lemon flavor, i dont notice the custard, the lemon isnt dry its’ wet and juicy tasting, like maybe lemon head? im wondering, have you seen this or can you advise how to get the sweet tart lemon flavor and whether i should add to the complex custard recipes? any ideas on how to add the lemon flavor without making it taste dry?


Are you vaping at lower wattages? Killer kustard and the lemon variety both used to taste very custardy to me, but I was vaping on a crown 3 at 85 watts when I was buying commercial juice. Killer kustard is definitely heavy on the capella vanilla custard, idk about the lemon note though, I haven’t really played with lemon since I started diy. Have you checked the recipe side for lemon custard clones?


i tasted it today, does have the creamy custard flavors, and great mouthfeel, i not sure what lemon to use to add to the custard but will check into the recipe you pointed me to, thx


When you find it, please share! :joy:


@atssec97 I trying this one

but i added 1% lemon sicily, and subbed cappella for the tfa’s and fw so far it’s really good and im vaping it only on 3rd day of steeping ( sitting in drawer )