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[REQ] Vaporfi Northern lights + Island Frost



New to this site but hoping to learn and just did my first order. I also have a few other requests which I can’t find anywhere which are VGOD Luscious and VGOD Lushice (which is just a menthol version). It’d be wonderful if anyone could chime in. I am very bad with flavors unfortunately…

Thanks! Any help would be great, and if not that’s okay too.


Hey bud just wondering if you had any luck sourcing a recipe for either of those VGOD juices yet?


I just realized how many vape juices seem to have their names from commercial weed strains… northern light… anything with frost in the name. Go to a weed seeds website and read some of the names, it’s really funny.


I found a perfect match for VaporFi Northern Lights. That’s all I used until it was discontinued. I created another flavor from many VaporFi flavors that I mixed myself that was close, but a little fruitier and I love it. Then I ran across Mig Vapor. I created a mix as close as I could with five flavor options to see what happened. Well, I found a dead ringer for Northern Lights. Give it a try!

Mix Code: MIG61588
Menthol Blast: 30%
Guava Mamma: 20%
Melon Manson: 20%
Berry Smash: 20%
Mango: 10%