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[REQ] Yogi granola bar


Tried this juice today and all I can say is wow! I don’t even know where to begin with coming up with a close recipe. It taste just like a crunchy granola bar. Any ideas on getting a start with a recipe like this? Searching the site was pretty much useless. It would seem like granola is a forgotten or elusive flavor in the DIY world so far


And still there are a few recipes


Description :

YOGI Eliquid Review:
Yogi Eliquids, the original crafters of the granola bar ejuice flavor profile, have mastered the craft of blending honey, granola oats and fruits into unique premium e juice flavors. Yogi Eliquids specializes in granola bar flavors that are authentic and true to taste. Yogi Eliquds has a total of 4 flavors in their granola bar line including a Honey oats, strawberry, Blueberry and their original granola oats flavor ejuice. Yogi Eliquids only uses the highest grade ingredients including premium kosher nicotine. Try Yogi Eliquids for the perfect granola bar flavor experience.


You need NicVape’s Honey Crisp Cereal. It tastes just like honey bunches of oats without the milk. I can see it being perfect for something like granola.


@Norseman I know there are a few recipes, but none of them appear to come close to a legitimate classic granola flavor. For a basic honey flavored granola bar the current recipes aren’t even close.

@JoJo I’ll have to check that out. Quite pricey, but I can swing a small tester


Oatmeal cookie? AP? Some kinda nuts? Brown Sugar? Coconut LOL


Also maybe flavorah cookie dough it tastes like oatmeal cookie to me after it steeped! Also I’ve tried the pb banana flavor from yogi and can tell they use inw banana! can’t really taste the pb though! So not sure why they call you it that, but I’m sure it’s tfa pb. caps is more peanutty. as far as granola I think @JoJo is on to something lol


Hello there, How about this post ? someone found this original yogi recipe ?

Best Regards.


Nothing yet. I’m waiting to get the honey crisp cereal flavoring and see where that gets me.


Any luck on this? I haven’t actually tried it yet I do have a concoction but I can’t seem to get the bluberry to pop on the high notes starting to get irritated lol


Has anyone ever managed to get this recipe? Tried one that was up but didnt taste similar!