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Rest in peace [TWD Spoilers]!


If you don’t watch The Walking Dead, this wont make sense to you.

Spoiler Alert!

R.I.P. Shiva !!!


but did u give any further thought to what will happen now? Zombie lion after u now or did they munch enuff so it cant move around? Either way i was sad for her.


@worm1 No not really. I mean the whole Shiva thing is bizzare, I guess. We lost a crap ton of the Kingdom in this episode, and of course Shiva. Pretty much everyone that I’ve talked to (I know a lot of TWD fans), are totally destroyed over the loss of Shiva, and no one seems to mention the Kingdom’ers.

Yes, it’s ALL fake, all make believe, and Shiva, being a complete CGI creation, makes our sadness for the loss even more disturbing. Needless to say, when I got done the episode, I too, was saddened by Shiva’s passing. Robert Kirkland DID drop a few sneaky little hints however, of what we might be seeing coming up soon though …


shit,balls i know


What a beautiful beast. It was sadder to watch than seeing some of the main characters taken out. xD
All I know is if I was running around during a zombie apocalypse I would be toting a bottle of zombie blood to pour on myself to get myself out of those zombie herd gang ups. Save myself some bullets and LIVES!!! Should be common protocol but then we wouldn’t have a show I guess.
Of course it wouldn’t help in the face of Negan’s baseball bat. :scream_cat: The humans are becoming more dangerous than the zombies. Probs why we have more sympathy for the cat.


Man, I thought your pet died :roll_eyes:


Sorry @Josephine_van_Rijn, just a TV show character…


No thanks for the scoop… im watching that serie, it is like a drug
And you just spoiled the fix…


I love cats and I cannot lie !!!


Yes, the loss of Shiva was big :cry: Makes me sad, but when all of the Kingdomers were mowed down all I kept thinking was ‘oh shit, where is Jerry?’ I knew they couldn’t kill him yet, but then again I didn’t think Shiva was a goner yet either. I haven’t read the comic books and I don’t look at anything that might hint at what is going to happen in the future of the show, besides the previews for the following week! I was so happy when I saw that creepy savior who had the King get his head split open, because I knew it was Jerry! I love TWD! I don’t watch it live because I don’t like commercials, so I DVR it and watch it on Monday…that way I don’t have to sit through commercials and it gives me something to look forward to on a Monday!


@SunnyT I feel you. I don’t know where Jerry went off to, but good he did, so he could swoop back in, and save the king.


Knowing how TWD works don’t be surprised if Jerry gets killed off :disappointed_relieved:


Shiva was killed in the comic book as well, so I was expecting it. Still sad whether comic book or tv show.


LOL I hope not. He’s not a replacement for Glenn, and I remember way way back, “If Glenn dies, we RIOT”, and all that. Not sure if Jerry warrants that or not.

I’ve very intentionally NOT read any of the comic books, but to what end, I don’t know. I’ve heard the show mirrors, then deviates, then mirrors again.


@Jc113 Not sure if I follow you 100% here, but I get the DRUG thing hehe. If you meant I revealed something you hadn’t seen yet, then I’m sorry for that. I waited till a few days after it aired, figuring all would be safe with that.


You got that wright, ok a bit my fault as i wait until mid season to watch a few hours of it…