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Reuse VG base bottles? - Bad form?


Is it in bad form to simply refill it when low? Or is a complete empty / wash cycle needed?

I really like the 500ml VG bottles i received with my NicRiver starter kit. Super clear plastic with a nice twist top. Makes measuring either a lot, or a little into 30ml bottles very easy/precise. Is it OK to just “Fill 'er Up” from my larger supply bottle? Or do I need to lather, rinse, repeat first?


Filler up, You are good to go :bomb::fire::boom:


I do the same thing you do. When I first started I picked up a couple of smaller bottles with twist like type droplet tops. Now I buy PG/VG by the gallon and just top off the small ones when the start getting low. I may have to break down and replace them one day. They are getting a little squishy, lol.


I just refill my 500ml VG bottle, i only use it for small sample mixing tho. I have yorker cap on the gallon VG bottle but most of my batching is 240ml to 1 liter so it is just easier that way.


I tried reusing the ones from liquid barn. Only thing I didn’t like was they were not see thru…

But liquid barn has 500 mil bottles on sale for 49 cents

Ordered 20 of them


I own several of those bottles, they are good for filling smaller size bottles, 120ml and smaller IMO, because of the flow rate. Excellent quality tho.


Mainly use them for zero nic mixes .
And set two up for vg and pg. plan to order pg and vg by the gallon…

Seem to go thru a lot mixing for friends

Edit: but they are great when I’m filling 30 mil bottles after adding nic to the 30 mil bottle


Essential Depot usually runs a really good Xmas sale, last year i think i paid $110 for 8 gallons VG, delivered. Ill check and see if they have any BF sales running and edit this post if they do.

EDIT: Nope, not on VG.


Thanks guys, and gals!

And that’s a hack of a price for those bottles @tartarusspawn, Thanks for that.


Np. We’re here to help each other…


Thinking of ordering a pack of these



ive been using three old LB 50Oml bottles forever , now i transfer NR VG into them


@fidalgo_vapes Same here, LOVE those bottles !!!


@TerryL1 Actually a very good question. I can tell you what I do. On 500ml and bigger bottles I will wash out and dry when empty, but on smaller batching bottles I just keep re-filling them, maybe washing every couple of fills, or always when trying a different manufacturer.


On the note of VG/PG storage, what is recommended between PET and HDPE containers?
Does it make a difference and is it okay to leave the rest in the gallon jug that it comes in?
Thanks guys.


i believe either type of plastic is fine and yes you could leave the remainder in the original container


Thanks fidalgo, just the nicotine to worry about storing in glass bottles then.


I choose PET if I can for longer storage for PG/VG. Yes on the amber glass bottles with Phenolic Cone Lined Caps for NIC storage, like these at BC



I’ve used the same 8 oz hdpe squeeze bottles for my PG, VG, and Nic for something like two years and have not washed them since I bought them and filled them the first time. :open_mouth: LoL.


And you’re not dead yet? I guess I’m good to go…ha…

Thanks again, all. I can put my OCD to bed now…