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Revisiting Cherry / Cherries!


SF tests may be one of the problems with Cherry Notes. It’s more likely finding a proper pairing that chemically balances out those SF Cherry.

Another thing discussed in previous threads is how the best artificial flavorings are locked away via singular Company’s patent rights. In the 100+ year long flavoring creation history surely perfectly delicious and known Cherry extracts are not available to the general public.

Maybe a focus would be sharing those accidental (or on purpose) pairings folks have discovered …maybe some SB? …even more likely something that makes zero sense flavor-wise, but makes chemical “sense” eliminating the Cherry weirdness (…ex: Oba Oba or Cactus (INW) or Cucumber (CAP)? [examples only])


After I learned that TFA Maraschino Cherry is best enjoyed from a great distance, I began to wonder where it could work as a nearly non-existent background note (I bought it, after all; hate to flush cash down the drain). I tried one drop, literally one single drop per 100ml, in a strawberries and cream mix and it did add a tough to describe microburst of something nice. If I didn’t know what I added, I would have thought it was a great secret and tried/failed to figure out what it was. But it was just the vile and despised Maraschino Cherry. It reminds me of how small amounts of Dragonfruit can bring a little sideways pop that no one can guess what it is, but likes it.

I don’t have the time for deep experimentation so I haven’t gone further with it, but I personally think it could be a sneaky compliment to some other fruits at ultra-low dosage. They key is, as mentioned, using way less than you think would make a difference, then halve that. If nothing else, the concentrate lasts a VERY long time so it’s budget friendly. :sunglasses:


I use a combination of cherries when I want a cherry prominent vape, not that I like cherry very much when it comes to vaping.

(InW) cherries + (Cap) wild cherry + (FA) black cherry

Cap wild cherry contains stevia, I do not add extra, it acts like (tfa) strawberry ripe would in strawberry recipes, just the cherry version if that makes sense.

I add the black cherry to make it a bit darker and sweetish tart, then add a tad of inawera cherries around 0.15-0.5%, I personally would not go above that but some people might like it.

Apparently rumors have it, that (Tfa) 's new cherry extract is pretty good, I’ve not tested it tho, but leaving that info here for some research potential :wink:


Dammit @BoDarc you gotta STOP doing that ^^^^^.

JUST when I thought I wasn’t going to be BLOWN away by any posts here (doesn’t mean there’s not other great posts guys/gals, just sayin …), you post this kind of post.

BOOM !!!

I hope everyone here reads that a second time. It’s not that it didn’t occur to me, as a cherry n00b that perhaps SF testing MIGHT not be the BESTEST way to determine cherry/ies value as in your first point, but your pretty damned interesting second point about the possibility that there COULD be certain flavors locked down, out of sight, due to patents is indeed intriguing. Your third point, just drives the kick ass-edness home, which dovetails BACK to your first point, in so much as stating that SF tests may not be the way to do it, and discussing pairings/mixers/and accidental discoveries might be the way to bring the Cherry conversation to the next level.

After reading a few more of the above comments, I’m going to give the devil aka TPA Mara Cherry a second go, but at a MUCH lower level, to be fair. I saw many people mixing far higher, and even the ELR percentages showed that, which is indeed how I tested it, and had yuck, yuck results, and the subsequent ban from my line of sight. I will be testing all other of my cherries, including 2 new hires to see what’s what.

I am currently beyond busy, and barely have time to mix (experimental), and am basically jam mixing up my ADV’s, client orders, and trying to keep up here, but I’ll make the time. Bo, very much liked your post, points, and insight, and as long as the rest of you can put up with my recent Cherry obsession, I think I and we can learn a lot.

Thanks Bo.


Roger that @Phil_Fish


So, here’s a test for you… Assuming you have a decent recipe for a ‘candy fruit’ sort of juice, i.e. watermelon jolly rancher, that sort of thing (not a cream or bakery note)… try a drop or two in it and see what you think. I had forgotten when I posted that I had put two drops (in a 100ml bottle) of MC into my Apple Jolly Rancher and it actually made it really kinda fun. Still apple-y but a nice sweet pop from the MC, without revealing itself as a the mystery ingredient. Try it for me and see what you think, if you dare, anyway.

I know this wasn’t intended to be a predominantly MC thread, so I apologize for the redundancy.


@Phil_Fish NO, not at all mate, this is exactly what @BoDarc (I think was trying to say), keep ALL the cherry tips, tricks, thoughts, pairings, potential successes or fails coming. I will admit to MAYBE (maybe) throwing in the TPA MCherry towel early, but I did have a visceral reaction to it, hehe (coulda been mah fault), but I didn’t forget it, and perhaps grew gun shy.


I appreciate that.

What drew me to cherry in DIY was the fact that I never had a good cherry vendor juice. Actually, not only were they not good, but they were dreadful. Sharp, chemically, harsh, nasty. So I figured I could do better than that. Well, I couldn’t. And gave up on cherry. The exception being MC, since I was happy to find that it is the one profile that does taste like it says it should, at least when you break that wild stallion. Oh, you betcha it was nuclear when I tried it at the wrong %%, but my wife really wanted it to work and is very happy with it now. (She doesn’t know or care how I make it, as long as it tastes good. And in that respect, MC works.)

The only two cherry ones I have found even limited success with is MC and FW Wild Cherry. I’m definitely interested in this thread. Cherry and Grape, two fruits that seem tough to get right for vaping. Not making the time for proper experimentation is why I don’t pursue them further, since other profiles are pretty easy to get right so I spend my time elsewhere.


@Phil_Fish ^^^^ Story of my cherry mixing life ^^^^^.

I think the UNSUNG hero here (of the whole mixing with troubling flavors thing) is TIME. Many of us, only have soo much time to commit to certain projects, flavors, testers, etc. I know for myself, right now, I’m mega jammed, so I’m in “If this don’t work RIGHT now, it’s getting tossed” mode. Hopefully temporary LOL, but time will tell.

I really wish I had a whole LOT more time to devote to just mixing in general, so I could really dive into some of these issues deeper, but I don’t. That’s fine, got a metric ton of flavors, loads of ADV’s, etc. time for some minor experiments, and that beats smoking EVERY day of the week. Was my original intent to solicit cherry welfare ??? !!! Maybe so !!! LOL. No no, just kidding. Sure, I love it, when I can get really good advice, from people I trust, and it can save me time, money, etc., that’s always great, and with time as a premium, every bit helps.

Not sure exactly WHAT Capri Sun juice tastes like, or why my friend just up and asked for a “Can you make it like THAT” request, but it spurred the whole thing. I started searching around, smelling all of my flavors and thinking kind of like you said, “Man, most of these just do NOT smell like I need them to smell” LOL. I can be VERY focused at SF testing, so I will have to focus on doing the cherry thing a little bit differently.


That made me think of how my wife is. When I mix something, especially if I add a flavor I know she doesn’t like, I don’t mention that flavor. Example, I put a little butterscotch in the blueberry banana yogurt. She tests it, and says she really likes it. If I said beforehand that I added butterscotch, she would say she doesn’t like it. So, whatever you come up with, tell him it is Capri Sun, no matter what you actually created. If he tastes what he expects to taste, winner winner. So even if you can’t get a cherry into the mix without hosing it up, just call it cherry capri sun anyway! It will probably still work. The brain can make something taste like you think it tastes like, after all.

Kinda thinking the same thing with your MC tests. Make sure you have others who do not know what you did try it too. At least then you’ll know that a gag is an honest gag.


This flavor is not new. I believe the misconception that it was new started when BCF added it to their collection but i have had it for 4+ years :wink: Rumors are true tho it is a clean tasting one dimensional (not juicy, no body, or tartness) cherry. It is not exceptionally strong leaving room for error. I use it as a base/foundation to build a cherry profile upon around 3% . ID10T from “Noted” podcast reported going even higher (5 or 6%) with no off notes…


Dammit I’m on TEAM PHIL now !!!


Wait a minute, what ?? How did I miss @eStorm’s post ?? What new cherry ?? Anyone know, as I am loading my @BullCityFlavors cart, as we speak.


This is new ???


Lmao this belongs in the “things my spouse spouse says about vaping” thread. When you describe the DIY art to a non mixer you can see their eyes rolling back in their head but when you fu#@ up a mix you will be sure to hear about it


Her lingo for that is a wrinkled nose and a sarcastic “try again”. You try again!!! You have no idea how hard I work for you!!! :sunglasses:


In your haste and excitement you failed to read my post! :stuck_out_tongue: scroll up :point_up:


@mixologist13 I’m in the process of PRINTING this, and I’m going to fucking FRAME IT !!!


Roger that @mixologist13, thank you for the clarification.


@Phil_Fish I have a few clients like that (and my wife as well). One time I made the mistake of getting into the details of how many flavors are sometimes needed, to make a seemingly simple juice, and there was confusion, eye rolling, and wrinkled noses.