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Revisiting Cherry / Cherries!


Nothing wrong with asking advice. Asking questions is a sign of intelligence :slight_smile:
I have 12-15 cherry flavorings of those i can only recommend

Inw cherries (cherries not cherry) 0.33%-0.5%
RF SC cherry 1.25-1.5%
TFA cherry extract 3-4%
VZ SC sweet cherry 0.5%

If you combine these you will have an excellent cherry

Want a bakery cherry get RF VG cherry pie (usage is 5-8%

Additives for cherry? Thinking FLV persimmon

Capri sun: ironically this probably tastes somewhat chemically and to me somewhat sour like wine almost …
Suggestions for additives:
RF SC Sangria plus
Sour apple EF, FLV or DIYFS


Thank you, and I suuuuure hope you’re right hehe. I’ve never tried any RF VG flavors but did do a lot of RF SC SF tests, going to look at my notes again. I think I’m going to try your suggested quad pairing and see what that’s like.


I finally found where I hid the “devil”. Can anyone who doesn’t suck at cherry, tell me if this cloudiness is normal for TPA Mara Cherry or not, I have no clue.


Speaking of cherries, just got an order from Medicine Flower. The sample they sent me just happens to be Black Cherry. Any experience with this one? Not much in the notes on this one.


That’s when I started seeing people mentioning it, didn’t know it’s not new new, thanks for clarification tho.


I wish I did @NChris. I only have about 7 MF flavors currently, and the price/fear/price is what stopped me from trying their different cherries.


I hear ya. I wouldn’t take a chance on something like a cherry but since I got it as a throw in, I’ll play around with it and see what I can come up with.


This separation when standing and cloudiness when shaken is normal for TPA Maraschino Cherry ??


TPA site states that that flavor is known to separate and to shake well before use. I know I added a little to a NET and it clouded up the mix but that disappeared in a couple days. Mine was stored in glass because it is reported that it cracks plastics (?).


Still waiting on the newest flavors from TPA … “Placebo” and “The Power of Suggestion” :smirk:

Along that line I think there’s a Capri Sun recipe or a Juicy Juice Apple recipe …bet you could add a couple drops of Cherry …and add the power of suggestion, that you indeed made Cherry Capri Sun and get that Thumbs Up …recipe? …it was out in the Forum and I think I captured it (adapted), basically an apple juice box kinda vape …lemme look

here’s one that sounds ripe for this adaptation, but not the one I’m looking for Thanks to @ffrank

or maybe this one from @Ghettotrout a little Sour might work with the Cherry

some more clues…

…or somewhere in-between

The post sticking in my brain I think Is Anon’s: Mandy’s Brandy …minus the Brandy parts. Not a recipe …more Apple clues. The idea being make a solid Capri Sun Juice Box and add a couple drops of Cherry (?)


Ok been looking at tpa website and a few other books about the compounds in cherry. almond could be a great additive or it could be a terrible one lol if it is terrible then we know that the compound Benzyl acetate Could be one to avoid.
The maraschino cherry contains high amounts of Benzaldehyde so this could be (in my theory) one to avoid.
This is just my own theory i am no scientist but hopefully you get what i am saying.


what % of French Vanilla ? I use to get maraschino cherry from MBV before I started DIY. So I know it is possible


3.5%, just enough to cut the MC a little.


Heard good reports of this one from RF

I’ve actually got this in my stash, but haven’t got around to mixing it yet…too absorbed by mixing the MF cherries, ofc. :laughing:

As regards MF, I’ve now tried all three of their cherries, and I still think that their Black Cherry is the best. Totally natural, with no weird off-notes… weeeeellll, so long as you steep it for ages, that is (I recommend a minimum of 6 weeks)


Aw the cherry dilemma ! My goodness if I had to say which one I’d throw out on your list it would be the Maraschino Cherry TPA it is super potent and comes off very chemical even with a long steep. I have had the best of luck with INW 's Cherries but like you I want to add INW Cherry to the stash ! I’ll follow this to see how that goes !


Cherry is a bitch… Whoever learn to produce a very solid cherry will make a gold mine in cash.

Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

very true , however INW cherries between 1 to 1.5 is nice


Probably the best I’ve tried, but still… Not that spot on Cherry I want… :no_mouth:

IMO no one have made that “O’ DAMN!!!” cherry flavor yet.


agreed 10char

i had a cherry shake not too long ago , if i cld get that flavor id be happy , it would probably be my go to fruit flave lol


Now I’m all twisted… No O’ Damn Cherry! or No O’ Damn Cheesecake!
My favorite dessert!

I’m waiting for @SessionDrummer to review them both!