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RIF - Reading Is Fundamental


I was looking for some recipes to try out a new flavor I have and decided on a highly rated recipe made by a mixer with a large following. With the combination of it sounding good and having the ingredients, I figured :+1:.

It steeped for a little over a week before I got to it, and looked forward to trying it. When I opened the bottle, it had a very strong coconut smell, like suntan lotion. I thought the smell was a bit strong, but wasn’t too concerned about it…until I vaped it. That coconut taste about knocked me off my feet. I looked at the recipe to make sure I didn’t enter it into my calculator incorrectly. Nope, recipe says 2% and I put 2% in my calculator. But then I noticed something, recipe uses Coconut (FA)…I used Coconut Extra (TFA).

Despite the overpowering coconut, I could tell there was some goodness to it, so rather than dumping it, I diluted it down to 1% coconut extra and waited a few days. The coconut taste was still a bit strong, but much better. I’ve diluted it once again for a result of 0.5% coconut extra. Although still a tad bit coconutty for me, its getting quite tasty. My next plan is to make a fresh batch with 0.25% coconut extra, that should hit the spot.

Of course, just getting some Coconut (FA) would be a solution, but where’s the fun in that?


Yeah, I cant use TFA Coconut Extra at more than 0.5%. To me it tastes like mold at anything higher.


Oh Yea, CoConut Extra (TPA) will definitely take over a mix quick.
I am not crazy about Tigers Blood, but I have like 3 different Vapers that are constantly bugging me to mix this (one is my oldest Daughter :slight_smile: )


Stupid is as stupid does. My lack of reading skills strikes again.

I’ve been using plastic squeeze bottles and noticed that even after washing them, I could still smell the juice that was in them, so I decided to switch to glass bottles. Because I have a couple curious grandchildren who’ve learned to push chairs around so they can get to stuff that has been put out of reach, I changed the order at the last minute from “Green Boston Round with Black Glass Dropper” to “Green Boston Round with Black Child-Resistant Dropper”. The order came in today, and the child resistant droppers are plastic. :frowning: Should have noticed the word “Glass” was missing in the description.


there are too many options with everything we buy anymore and its too easy to order the wrong thing


For a second I thought those were racist dropper bottles.


I had some of the coconut extra and I ended up using an average 1/4 of what any recipe calls for I since have changed to Capella