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RY4 HS assistance


Hmm it’s not really like that, at least for me. I’ve been off 2 years and the Tobacco flavors certainly don’t make me crave actual any other forms of tobacco. It’s kind of like after a while it just stops being a tobacco, and becomes a staple ingredient that you use often. That’s how it works for me anyway.


I haven’t had a craving since the day I switched to vaping 3 years ago. I still find it amazing as I was a 30+ year smoker who couldn’t stay away for more than two weeks. I like the smell of a freshly lit cig from time to time, but can’t stand the smell of a “smoker” as they walk by…


When I read that “Trifecta” and looked it up I decided to make it as one of my first steps into something more of a tobacco vape. I tried it about a week ago and my first thought s were that it was just too “tobaccoie” almost like if I added a drop of dnb it would be a analog. I added some of the 30ml I made to some Bust a Nut and I added some to Nut Brittle… and I soon noticed I was reaching for the 30ml Trifecta bottle more and more. Thanks for pointing that recipe out to me, I’m down to just about 10ml and need to re-mix it again.


The Cyclotene in RY4 Double can have that effect, of being slightly overwhelming, and dry in a sense as well. You know, I’ve thought about this for a day, and what would be really neat would be to add a small percentage of HS Ry4 to Bust a Nut, I bet that would be delicious. On its own, the HS version is very mellow, sweet and leafy. It is amazing with Hazelnut, and I bet the flavors would meld perfectly. Maybe start at 1.5-2% as an addition flavor, you could always bring down the other flavors slightly, if needed that is.


Sounds good. When I make Bust a Nut it’s normally a 120ml batch, I think I’ll pour off about 15ml adding 0.3 grams of RY4 HS (should equate to 2%) and see how that works out.