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RY4 HS assistance


I would say I’m not a big fan of tobacco flavors but it really wouldn’t be honest… I just haven’t play with it much. At one time I would have a local shop mixing me up a toffee that had ry4 in it, not sure what brand but after a year or so whatever they had done (probably changed different brands) their juice just wasn’t what I wanted. Then I FINALLY started getting my own ingredients (remember the old days (many most likely do not) when you’d get those little tiny samplers when you’d get vapemail…?) well back in those days most flavorings you would get “just wasn’t it”.
Anyway, my order for RY4 Hangsen will be in tomorrow.
I’m already mixing up Shroom’s Awesome Sauce adding the Hangsen sans the TPA it calls for and Trifecta by @Silhouette ( Any changes prior to me mixing this up you think you would make @Silhouette ?)
I do see a good list of recipes but was wondering if there were a couple things ya’ll really like using RY4 Hangsen…


Not sure if any of this info will help or not but you’ll probably find it interesting at the least:


These vids are worthy of having your notebook handy or you will be rewatching them!


I think the reason people gravitated to the Trifecta recipe was that it was based on the popular Tribeca, so familiarity was already there. It has more RY4 Double so that you can kind of try the HS out without using a high amount, or as a sole tobacco. I love that recipe, but I do make Sweet Leaf EZ RY and Ubersweet Tobacco the most, mainly because the HS Ry4 is the main tobacco. Those mixes might be too sweet for some people as far as a tobacco goes, but because it’s such a simple mix it may give you a good idea of how you want to use the HS Ry4 in the future. I have also found that using both PUR Sweet Tobacco and HS Ry4 make this sweet honey flavor when used together in a recipe, it’s really neat what they do together. The Trifecta is a great one to start with, and if you eventually try one of the others it will give you clear direction on how you want to use it in the future. The RY4 Double and HS definitely are different, you’ll notice it right away, the HS is leafy and sweeter, a bit less Caramel (or type of caramel) and it lacks the dryness of RY4 Double as well.


Looking at the Sweet Leaf, I’m missing the Creamy Hazelnut and Deluxe French Vanilla, I will most likely mix it using FW Hazelnut and French Vanilla Cream TPA in the same proportions (percentages). Thanks for the info/recipes.


That’s actually perfect as the French Vanilla Creme is just the custard note free version of FVD, they taste so similar as well. Just if you are using regular FW Hazelnut, use it between 0.75-1% as the Creamy Hazelnut is so much more milky than Hazelnut, it smells like straight up cream from the bottle. Plus, I use Vanillin in it, but any Vanilla you want to use, or if you have a preference works for the recipe as well.


I have the Vanillin, and will drop the Hazelnut down to 1% as you suggested… thx


I’m wasn’t a big fan of RY4. It tasted so nasty to me for some reason yuk! Until I tried the RY4 HS. Its a little pricey but its totally worth it!! I started with @Silhouette uber sweet tobacco recipe. Its pretty darn fantastic and I’ve been vaping it for a few weeks now. I made sure to have a big bottle steeping!
French vanilla deluxe (TPA) is FANTASTIC! its so creamy and delicious and goes really well with so many recipes. You wouldn’t regret the purchase at all


It really is, I didn’t think a TPA Vanilla would be my favorite Vanilla, Bourbon Vanilla FA held that spot for a while. I can’t get over how little I use for the amount of flavor it provides, it is pretty potent on the TPA scale.


I asked Joe at BCF about it because they dont carry it. Hes looking into it right now :sunglasses:


I have that Deluxe on my to get list…


It’s nice to see the somewhat recent interest in Hangsen flavorings. I’ve been a Hangsen tobacco head since I started DIY a few years ago. I can honestly say this Hangsen thread over on ECF was the main reason for my successful kicking of the cig habit. It’s a long thread. 232 pages of Hangsen info & reviews. I doubt there’s a more informative Hangsen thread out there.

After a while, another thread was created specifically for tobaccos (not just Hangsen). 229 pages of tobacco flavoring discussion & reviews. Both threads are bookmark worthy. Gobs of info.


I think I’m still stuck in the stupid mindset of tobacco being “evil”… I know it’s dumb to think that way… it’s just a flavoring and I actually don’t know why I think that way. It maybe the smell of the ash and such which I dislike after being away from analogs for so long (yeah I know dnb gives a juice that and while I do have some I only purchased it to make some juice for another person)… and I know that tobacco flavoring isn’t the same as analogs… just some thing I’m mentally working on in my expansion of working with a new flavor profile.


I hated smoking too, cigarettes, the smell, everything about it. The neat thing about some tobacco flavoring is that when it’s actually lacking the combustion, the flavor it produces is more dessert like than you would think. I stay away from ashy, grassy, dry, and most pipe flavors because I don’t want that flavor, but I like sweeter tobaccos. Once you taste a tobacco that doesn’t mimic ash or combustion, you may find you enjoy it a lot.


I’ve seen this a lot, and I can understand being hesitant to mess with tobaccos, after being in the tobacco ‘grip’ as so many of us were. I was 45 years, 1 to 2 packs a day. Maybe my thought process is/was a bit skewed. I wanted to quit smoking, but didn’t want to give up my love for tobacco. The problem was all the tobaccos I tried at the B&M’s were basically junk. So, I started searching the web. I found out I could mix my own. I found the above Hangsen thread and heard the trumpets and angels singing. I was in.

Three days after my first Hangsen mix (it was either Desert Ship or Highway) I had my last cigarette. Never looked back. It was better than smoking. I didn’t / don’t feel like I quit smoking, I just enhanced it…lol. I haven’t had a cig craving at all. I’ve never vaped anything else. No desserts, no fruits, no custards, no ice creams…nothing. Never even tried any…lol. Maybe that’s a good thing. I only have about 35 - 40 flavors to deal with, instead of hundreds.

I get it, about giving tobacco some distance, for some people. Quitting smoking for some was a huge battle. I guess I was lucky. I suffered through a few weeks of crappy B&M tobacco juice, and was off & running as soon as my DIY stuff & flavors arrived.


That’s the key. You really can’t duplicate the combustion aspect. I think some actually give up because of that fact, and never reach the potential of tobacco mixes & blends. Once the taste buds are re-trained a bit, and one stops with the DNB and Black Fire, and other so called ‘ash / combustion’ replacements, the awesomeness of the tobacco flavorings really comes through.


I’ve been really hesitant to try any tobacco flavor because it scares the shit out of me. I used to chew and occasionally use snuff and as honest as I can be, I loved tobacco. I smoked off and on for over 50 years. Yet I’m tempted to try and some of the regular Hangsen flavors are my favorites. I just don’t want anything to give me the urge to smoke, or chew tobacco again. I’m on the fence. I quit sept 1 2016 so maybe I’m over the hump and can try this?


Do you still get the cravings for a smoke, a chew, or a dip? I honestly have not had a craving for a cig, since I started vaping. Not once. I still do, occasionally reach for my shirt pocket, when I need a fix. I find only my glasses, and remember… oh, my vape is in my pants pocket. lol. That’s just 45 years of muscle reflex, I think.


I had cravings when I first quit and people smoked around me. But I haven’t for a long time. My wife and I went to a riverboat casino where they still allow people to smoke (Indiana) and thought the place stunk so bad that I didn’t want to stay long. I’m sure I’m the only one who can answer this but I think I would be safe because I truly never want to smoke again. On the other hand I have over 300 flavorings so I’m not sure why I’m even tempted. Hows that for “on the fence” reasoning?:laughing:


I’ll bet you can mix half of those flavors with a little tobacco flavoring and come up with some good blends! I have a friend at work that loves a tobacco / peach blend.

Edit: My wife still smokes, so I still get a whiff of it here and there. It doesn’t tempt me at all, to go back.