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Ry4 verus RY4 Double


I bought RY4 instead of RY4 Double I read a few notes saying Ry4 is not a sub for RY4 Double/
Any opinions either way on this?


@Silhouette may be able to help.


Was it still the TPA brand?


No I got FA for the RY4 the Double was TPA


They may smell similar, but they are pretty different. Potency-wise, the FA Ry4 at 2% is what Ry4 Double is around 4%. Ry4 Double is sweet, bready, carmellic with some Vanillin, but the FA version is more of a strong, sharp Caramel. I don’t really get Vanilla from the FA version as well. There are plenty of people that like the FA version, I personally found it a little to sharp for my taste though. It also lacks the dry, astringent flavor of Ry4 Double. While I do like Soho and Glory, FA Ry4 didn’t quite taste tobacco-like for me personally. The taste reminded me of those old, thick permanent markers that had that strong potent odor. You may like it, everyone’s tastes are different and there are plenty that enjoy that flavor, just start lower with it than the average percentages used for Ry4 Double, also if you want to try and make a similar profile, definitely add a vanilla and maybe a very light Caramel.


Hey Silhouette Thank you very much for help I appreciate it I am bummed that I got the wrong one but based on your information I can make it work I drafted this recipe up what do you think? I have not mixed it I still need to tweak the %s
Thanks again,



i cannot vape ry4d from tpa or ry4 fa as stand alone,i use them only in mixes with other tobaccos.i think that the main difference between these 2 ry’s is that the fa is darker,stronger,has less vanilla and it is more difficult to use it in mixes.tpa’s ry4d is more like a semi tobacco conc in my opinion.people use it successfully from tobacco recipes to apple pie recipes.you cannot do that with fa’s ry4.
Silhouette you are the first person i know,who likes glory:smile:personally i can’t stand it even in 0.3%!!


I would bump it down a little, at least until you get a sense of what it tastes like. Just cut 1% off, and go from there. I haven’t mixed the FA Ry4 with any fruit flavors, but it looks good.


Trust me, it’s not my first choice ha. It’s kind of in that bubble with 555 Gold, which I’m not crazy about, but I try to make work anyway. Peanut mixes, that’s kind of where it’s easy to use.


Hey Thanks Silhouette,
I will drop it down 1% So it looks promising huh? Do you think I should add like 0.5-1% of French Vanilla?
Thanks again!


For your first mix using the FA Ry4 I would keep with flavors you are really familiar with, flavors that you could individually pick out of a mix instantly, the French Vanilla would probably be great.


That’s exactly my plan Silhouette
Sooo… yeah I will go with the French Vanilla, and bump the RY4 down 1 %
Again I thank you Silhouette

P.S. I am mixing this tomorrow I’ll get back to you after a few days steep time and let you know either how good or how disgusting this recipe came out

Truly appreciate your help and take care


Hey Robin
Thank you for getting Silhouette’s help I appreciate it


No problem! Let me know how it turns out. :smile:


I sure will