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Sahara RDA a big let down


I’m not stuck to one reviewer. If I’m interested in a product first thing I do is a forum search. I’ll read 2-6 reviews if available, and after that type it into youtube.

First 5 videos that come up I watch and then decide. However if one of them is rip tripper, I’ll skip that video. We all know it’s always the best product if we ask him and clearly he can’t live without…till 15 minutes later a new video is published and clearly that product is even better.

Hardware changes drastically within 15 minutes :wink:

However I understand the frustration, because even after applying my method, often times I find myself disappointed. We all vape differently but not all of us can run out and buy every product on the market because it looked interesting. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, Steve.


I absolutely agree with you I was really attracted to the deck design but flavor to me like probably most vapers especially us DIYers is super important and that was the big disappointing aspect of that RDA listening to one
reviewer is where I went wrong, the bitch of it is no matter what it is I always read at least 5 or 6 reviews before I buy anyhing I got too excited and bought it based on one reviewer’s opinion Lesson learned……
Thanks again for your input eStorm I appreciate it