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Sahara RDA a big let down


I bought this based on some you tube reviews I had seen on it . It was supposed to be an awesome flavor RDA I rebuilt it 5 times and although the deck design makes it very easy to build as far as the flavor goes no comparison to my Drop RDA very fucking disappointed I almost shit canned it I was so mad! It sux!



I hope you didn’t buy it just because rip trippers said it was smooth like a portnstar ass


That’s exactly why I bought it who can pass up pornstar’s Smoothe ass! :rofl:


Sorry it didnt work out Steve. RIP is just a bit to bizarre for me to trust what he says. Mike Vapes and DJLSB are about the only ones I like.
Of course that’s not counting ELR’s own awesome reviewers.


Sahara is an ‘interesting’ name for an RDA. Dry Hits come to mind!


Do porn stars even have smooth asses? I really hate when he says that. The only reason I watch his vids is to get a good look at the deck.

@TorturedZen have you ever heard of Jai haze? He never gives a good review if it is a crap device. Just sayin




From what I saw Rip Trippers is the only one of the ‘big reviewers’ who did a review on this one and I trust that guy as much as I trust the guy who sells the Eiffel Tower


And i’m wrong. Jai’s review came out 26 minutes ago


Yeah isn’t he that white rapper wannabe? Fo’shizzle!


I am a big fan of Jai


OK I just watched Jai’s review he wasn’t crazy about it either


Signature material there… :sunglasses:


Sorry you were disappointed. Sucks when you spend money on something and it’s a disappointment. Personally I dislike Trippy Rippy and wouldn’t trust his opinion on much. But I know that a lot of people do. To each their own, I suppose.


Are you telling me this deed I’m holding isn’t real? Good thing I bought the Golden Gate Bridge on the cheap.


That man is so damm weird. I always have to watch a second review just to make sure he isn’t blowing smoke up my ass on a shit mod/tank/rda/rdta.


I don’t think so. But I only just started watching him. He is entertaining though.


The guy gives me a head ache


that’s pisses me off that was $43.00 wasted I’m retired and on a fixed income now can’t afford to waste money


jai haze, he says he is real and puts on a great bullshit act, I watch him for last resort views, but he just urks my ass !! as far as a pornstar’s ass, that always gets my attention, I’m thinking of Lana Rhoades and Lena Paul !!
like The Vaping Bogan “love this cunt” , I like his reviews and think he is straight up.