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Saline Solution help!


I tested it on a bunch of 30ML bottles at .9% I think I’m going to just put .3% in my VG base mix. Salt is a flavor enhancer, it wakes up the taste buds. I don’t think I would do this with anything citrus but this is pretty cool! The difference is marked. The mouth feel on everything I tested it on is much more full. It does seem to knock down the sweetening effect though. Hmmmm… more testing!


@Maureeenie that is a good question. Most searches will reveal medical related posts where they have strict guidelines regarding use life after opened. I’m not sure about your larger bottles. I guess you could immediately break it down in to sterile, much smaller bottles, leaving only one small one in the fridge, taking out to mix, with the others in the freezer like NIC maybe ?

Not much relevant info out there, but interesting read on heat/cold impact…


Thank you!