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Saline Solution help!


Hi all, i’m looking to purchase some Saline Solution but have some uncertancy in regards to what’s deemed as safe and what isn’t, i’ve read that a 0.9% solution made only of distilled water and sodium chloride is preferable.

Can anyone confirm this and if so would this be safe to use in eLiquid? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/500ml-STERILE-SALINE-Eye-Wound-Wash-Solution-Bottle-First-Aid-Eyewash-Clean-Out-/311770868641

This states in the description it’s ‘Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% w/v In Purified Water BP’ - is there a difference between purified and distilled water?

Also i’ve noticed that a lot of Saline Solutions are referred to as being ‘flush only’ (used for eye/nasal rinses etc.) and should NOT be used for injections. What is the difference between a Saline Solution used for flushing and one used for injecting? I presume that one used for injecting would be safer and therefore should I opt for this instead?




Thanks, i did do a search and read a lot but couldn’t find specific answers to my questions in my first post. I don’t care to make my own and I’m happy to pay £5 approx for 500ml.


That stuff looks ok to use as long as it has no additives other than salt (which it looks like it doesnt)

I use pods like these

For 2 reasons

  • you will never use more that a few ml at a time
  • with a large bottle like the one you are proposing there is a high chance that over time it will get contaminated


Thanks that’s a much more sensible idea, do you throw the pod away once opened or are they ok to keep for a few weeks?


I just toss then after a single use - i have about a 1000 of them lol (nurse friend) - i am sure you can find them cheaper than the one i posted tho so have a look around.


What does it do, is it a flavor enhancer?


These are available in 5ml which would probably make sense, thanks again!



It is used in low amounts as a flavour enhancer - exactly the same as you would use salt. Good with nut mixes / some fruits / i use it in a licorice recipe I have as it takes a little sweet out of the mix.


Cool! I will buy it right meow.


Oh i love that movie cant wait for the new one i want to watch it meow.

Be sparing with it it it can make stuff really salty

From the charlie noble blog about using it with pb cereal

Saline Solution – yeah. Salt. Peanut butter is salty. Salt makes things taste more like…well, more like whatever they are. There’s a reason that salt is added into almost every recipe I can think of, both savory and sweet. Occasionally, when you’re working on a bakery recipe that is almost there, but is just missing that little bit of ‘pop’, saline may be that missing bit of sparkle. Sterile saline solution, get it at a drugstore, or make your own with some distilled water. Just a touch, though. We don’t want to actually taste salt, we want to use it to enhance and accent the flavors that are already there.


I’m wondering if I could just put it in my base. What percentage are you generally using in a recipe?


Quite low the most i have used is .4 more often about .1


At that percentage I can put it in my base. Hmmmmm… muahahahahaha. Evil scientist chemistry lab day coming right up.


See, in the early days of mixing there was a lot of controversy about using any form of salt in the liquid. It kind of scared me so I gave up on the thought of using it.


Bit like diketones now - the wheel turns and turns :grinning:


@woftam I bet if you add Salt AND Diketones, they cancel each other out.


@Maureeenie @j20nyh Not sure how late I am to the party, but I’ve been using .9 sterile saline for a while (haven’t tried the black pepper yet LOL), and as stated above in small quantities seems to work very well. Found a nice multipak on Amazon of 5ml viles. Open it, toss in a 10ml bottle, use, and store in the fridge until empty, rinse, refill, repeat.


Wow, thanks!

It does make the flavor pop, fuller mouth feel. I’m not getting a wetter feel, it’s more of a… kind of drying out my mouth actually and I’m not completely sure yet but it’s much better!


I can’t find these little things for cheap on ebay in the US. I’m not sure how needed these are actually, it seems to me saline is salt infused water… am I off base here or isn’t salt kind of antibacterial in purified water? A 250ML bottle opened shouldn’t go bad that quickly should it?

I’m asking because my husband leaves those bottles of that sterile saline for his contact lens out on the counter for 5-6 weeks sometimes and he’s still shooting it in his eyes lol