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Saving my batch


Dear All
Thank you for all your wonderful replies and sincere consolation
Deeply appreciate it,
Especially for @CosmicTruth for his/her amazing calculator.

So basically i need to create an 34L batch to save this 5L (which is beyond my current capability, resource-wise at this moment).

But to ease a little bit pain in this wrecked heart, do you think within time (a week maybe?) the banana will softened and the bavarian cream + peanut butter will shine?

Again thank you very much dear wonderful people :kissing_heart:


That’s what I suggested in the beginning. But you stated you had already tried that and didn’t like it.


Yes you did, but i was hoping there’s another way to tweak before waiting, just in case the wait results something undesired

Nevertheless, thank you


You can leave the 5L as a base and mix up one or two 500ml batches with the alien calculation as you go. I think it was mentioned above. That way you won’t lose your batch and you won’t have to mix 34L at once.

Only problem might be that it could steep out beyond your preferred steep limit and get faded. But, adding in the fresh ingredients each time you make a diluted new batch should bring it back some life.


… id also suggest leaving the Nicotine out , only adding when making small batch


Here is another calculation, again mentally replace gm with ml…
You can do the remix with either weight or volume, but if you take 650ml of the botched batch, then add 4350ml of the adjuster batch mixed without flavor 6 (Banana ripe) you will end up with 5000ml of repaired juice, I think this will correctly repair the volume you first desired, and if that is bottled off in time you might be able to do it again before the botch batch expires.



In this case to repair botched batch, the repair batch needs to be at the exact nic strength as the botch batch.
But for future batches to mix large volumes it will be much easier to make one shot/concentrate with just flavors to add to PG/VG/NIC base to mix the flavors to e-liquid.