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Saving my batch


Today i made a mistake
So i created a 5 liter batch out of my recipe, but instead of putting 0.15% of one flavor (banana ripe), i put 1.15% instead.

Is there any way i can save this recipe?
Basically the recipe is something of
AP 0.8%
Peanutbutter 4%
Bav cream 4%
Sweet cream 1.5%
Sweetener 1.5%
Banana ripe 1.15% (it should be 0.15%) - i wanted this as an accent and really like to emphasize the peanutbutter and bav instead of banana

I was thinking of upping the peanutbutter and bavarian cream to 1-1.5% each, but then i don’t know how to count it since the recipe will be basically more than 5 litter (and pg-vg ratio is also will be messy)

Any idea/solution on how to save this batch ?

Thank you in advance


Have you done this recipe before? If not then let it steep and see how it turns out. You might like it.
Banana (Ripe) at 1.15% is not that strong plus between the peanut butter and creams it will be hard for the banana to cut through anyway.


Hi thanks for replying
Yes it’s my usual recipe that’s why i dare to create such big batch (5L) and i’m not really into banana (i usually put the banana as the furthest background/accen/hint).

I’m thinking of something more like diluting and adding more flavor to push back the banana (thus will create larger batch but it’s better than to waste the 5L batch).



And if you mean that have i created a recipe with that amount of banana, yes i did and never like it, it kills the PB and the cream somehow)…


Fair enough.


Sorry this happened :frowning: , 5L is a large batch by raising the percentages of other flavors you completely changing the recipe anyway …The only way to try and make this like you want is to separate the 5L into multiple small batches and remix those separate batche without the banana flavor , but doing this is going to create a lot more than 5L and that math is way to compkicated for me maybe @CosmicTruth can help he has a calculator that does a few different things like this or he may be able to do the math …


At least 30L maybe even 34L


yes … your right lol …if it was me id let it steep out and start another batch , maybe the OP knows some people who vape and can hook them up with the messed up batch …


If you mix 3400ml of the same recipe without any Banana ripe and mix with the 500ml over flavored mix it will reduce it to approximately what you wanted.
Pay no mind to the calculations being done in gr instead of ml, % will be the same.
Good luck :slight_smile:


It was not 500gm or ml that was over flavored, it was 5000ml. So my estimation that he needs to mix another 34L is still accurate.


so 34 liters to save the 5 liters. that’s a lot of juice :slight_smile:


my vision is not too good, I thought for sure it said 0.5 L
My calculation should be fairly accurate, I’d suggest also as was mentioned rebottling it to smaller containers.


At least a way to salvage some of the over flavoured batch
good math :alien:


Thanks feel free to use my calculator:

It is handy for some things.


thanks i have it bookmarked in the useful folder good work


maybe you can come out with apprx 500ml if you only use some … if you cld figure out what to do then maybe you can use the rest as a base / stone , then next time you need 500ml made you can repeat … im not sure that will be possible but it would be nice right ?


1.15/.15 = 7.666666667, that’s how much you have to multiply all the other values to fix your mistake.
So you’re going to make a total of 38.33333 liters of juice.

Unless you actually have a market to sell that to, I’d cut my losses coz that’s a whole lot of juice that will probably go bad before you see the end of it and it’s going to cost you a whole lot as well.

Batches above 1L should be measured in volume and not weight is what I hear from people who mix professionally. You can just swap “gm” in the spreadsheet for any unit you wish, the math remains the same.


you and me both …


Yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking.


Me too @CosmicTruth