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SB Flavors?


Anyone ever heard of these. I stumbled across quite a few of them. It seems a user named Smokey Blue, who is some big Flavorah fan, is making them and putting them in the database here. Is that even legit?


I think they are legit! Smokey Blue has been in the game for a very long time. I used to frequent VU forum a few years ago and she was very active there. I have read threads here on elr about her mixes and flavorings if I’m not mistaken.


Her mixes from what I’ve seen are all Flavorah. She has a Flavorah recipe site. Maybe she throws a few together to make a one-shot. Pretty sure that doesn’t qualify her as a flavor manufacturer.


Could have been mistaken! I thought i was wrong once, turned out I was mistaken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@SmokyBlue… Where can I find the SB Favors Site? I can’t find them by googling.


As far as I know there isn’t one. Just her Flavorah Fan site, Facebook and an affiliate site.
Affiliate Link: http://store.flavorah.com/?AffId=8
Flv fan site http://flvfan.com/
FB FlvFan Page https://www.facebook.com/FLVFan/


contact me on FB @Pro_Vapes
I have a small group there and I do sell flavors thru the group. :blush:


Very legit, however due to lack of time, interest etc… I no longer have my site.
I do sell small batches of ultra flavors that have zero to do with Flavorah.


I do sell one shots on my flvfan website. yes.
but I do sell flavors as well. I work for a lab and do have permission to sell.

A recipe from @Fuzzygantt


Just out of curiosity, I need to know a little something more about these flavors. There don’t seem to be any notes at all on the forum or the net. At this point I consider you to be a vendor and I’d like to know more about the products you’re offering.

Nothing against you @SmokyBlue… just common internet sense, but I only trust my family on FB. Transactions does mean I need to release financial info. Maybe I’ll just wait until you have registered internet site with guarentees and disclaimers.

But if you have some samples I’ll be glad try them and pass on notes of your flavors.


I do not do free samples. I sell private. Anything you want to know, I do have friends here like @juice_junkie_lover @DarkJester89 and many more that have bought and use my flavors.
I will not go public, it is not worth my time with the headaches drama lies and other bs.

I am just as picky now days as to who I sell to. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply. Maybe at a later date we can do business. JMO, but a review or two would help your business.


I have known Smoky for years now, from her VU days, loooong before she worked with flavorah. Her expertise is what got her working with them! She knows her stuff for sure, and I know she’s played a heavy hand in the newer flavors flavorah has put out. She works with a lab to ensure her flavors are not only tasty, but that they’re clean too.

As the fda crap is causing a strain on juice makers, (well, those actually following the rules anyways…) it caused her sales to plummet as well, as we couldn’t make new flavors to put on the market. She still has access to her most popular flavors iirc, and they’re so worth it. Her vicious vanilla and pumpkin spice are my ultimate favorites, they completely decimate the competitors, and being ultra concentrates, they last forever!

Who knows, maybe we can get her sales back up! Take a chance, you won’t regret it.


Im not interested.

I could have a year or so ago, however due to the drama at the time, it totally turned me away from breaking out yet another flavor line, dealing with resellers, as well as buyers. My lab would have loved it. They pushed me to do just that. However, my lab now wants nothing to do with selling publicly and in fact has changed things up to only food and beverage and will not be working with anything vape related. This is why I sell limited batches as my boss sells what he has now to me, for me to have a way of making some extra money on the side.

Like I predicted a few years ago, flavor manufactures will be shutting down or changing how they do business too. the rules and regs have a bad habit of running good businesses down, especially when they are small. The larger generic flavor companies and resellers should be fine for the next few years.


So never posting here I won’t hold much weight, but I’l echo Fuzzygantt that they are incredibly good flavors.

The Vicious vanilla and pumpkin spice are both incredible, and I’m basic with pumpkin spice and lot the stuff. It’s the only pumpkin spice I use and I have pumpkin/holiday spices from all the other flavor companies.

Also shout out to her oatmeal cookie. It’s the best flavor I’ve ever tried of anything bar none. When I’m lazy I just do it single flavor.


:kissing_heart: Love ya Ashlie… but I dont think people are ready for them…

I cant talk my lab into mass producing for me now… :disappointed_relieved:


You’re not interested in what a potential customer think or need? Just buy’em huh?


The biggest point I want to make, is she had flavours listed here long before she was working with flavorah. She created the flvfan page to HELP mixers use their flavors correctly. Soo many people don’t understand that they’re super concentrates, some even ultras (like alpine strawberry and rich cinnamon…) and she’s done just that. She creates simple recipes to show how they’re used, and creates one shots from just flavorah, to show others how little flavoring can create such powerful flavored juice. That’s one side of her. Strictly flavorah.

Her other side comes before flavorah. I’ve seen her work with various labs, and her insistence on quality is amazing. I can’t believe I forgot her oatmeal cookie! It’s phenomenal!! She’s even had a few flavors She helped make, that we all fell in love with, that in turn got bought out by larger flavor companies, so she couldn’t source them anymore. She’s THAT GOOD. Sure, if she had the money, she could have bought the rights herself, but she’s never been in it solely for the money. It’s her heart that has kept a lot of us pushing forward, testing flavor boundaries and beyond.


That didn’t take long for us mere mortals to figure out… long before SB showed up here.


I think she meant, she’s no longer interested in trying to sell her flavors, as sales were too low for the lab to keep messing with them. Idk. It’s sad though. She really put a lot of effort into it.