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SB Flavors?


Ask the what and why questions are great and it’s interesting to see folks pop into the forum that may not have participated or participated since 2015.

@Stealth5 & @Fuzzygantt do you have the same name of the recpie side? I would love to poke around your recipies. I always like seeing what was done in the early days.


@TorturedZen No worries… :slight_smile:


This interview was sent to me in a PM… I won’t name the individual as I don’t want to involve anyone in case it goes left…

Her interview portion starts around 1 hour 37 min.



I don’t know if you posted this expecting it to go left, or hoping it goes left but the attempt at subtle passive aggressive is beyond par, I mean, phenomenal lmao


Not at all. I feel deeply for her story. But as suspected I didn’t know what type of response I’d get. Sorry if you misinterpreted my post. Let’s make peace bro!


it was actually nice to listen and hear smokys story , it kinda makes it easier to understand the things she writes , ill be honest ive always felt like she was saying what everyone is doing is wrong and her way is right … but i also have tried different ways of mixing based on what she has said , i personally dont think all FLV can be used at ultra low percentges but i think the medians on a lot of recipes are completely out of whack ( way too high ) it was a great interview … BTW @SmokyBlue if you have a few great creams that are unlike anything else id love to have the chance to buy a couple


this is just how it seems , i know your not saying this , typing shows no emotion so sometimes things are taken the wrong way


After reading this thread, I was also curious as to who Smoky Blue was and her SB Flavors. Specifically, if I could find any information on individuals experiences with her SB flavors and one shots. Doing a simple google search “Smoky or [Smokey] Blue DIY” you’ll find her interview on Wayne’s podcast (it’s the 1st link that shows on Google) along with a website link to her FlvFan.com/shop that showcases her one shot line; among other links - specifically her recipes.

However, I was unable to find information regarding anyone else’s experiences with the flavors she helped developed through the many labs she works with. The DOD interview is very informative as one can listen to Smoky state her story. I don’t understand why @Pro_Vapes link to the interview was labeled as passive aggressive or bait, it is a public interview.


My thoughts exactly @Leilani, :+1:

I didn’t see no bait, and I am a die hard fisherman, I do know what bait smells like !!!


eh, it seems weird to mention that someone purposely sent it in a PM, was it to use it like leverage or something against SB?, its hard to tell intentions especially when “this might go left”… why would it go left? lmao

I just thought it was odd


I didn’t hear anything in the almost hour long interview that could be used as “leverage” in regards to her limited brand (as her flavors “come and go”). Smoky spoke upon criticisms she’s received, how she worked with flavoring labs, current & future projects, and her overall experiences in the industry.

I hear you. However, looking at the thread above, and viewing individuals responses to his questions and responses, I can see why he wrote that statement.


I am more than a hour interview, but I am just me, I love flavors, and I am rather picky.
With a lot of quirks, and history in the flavor business, sometimes not all is what it seems.

I do have a lot of friends, both here and mainly on fb, but I have been thru too much drama…
so I do keep to my circle. I learned the hard way… in a lot of instances, text shows nothing but words.

We all love good flavors, and I value my friends even more than a rack of flavors.
Again, hope this solves everything.


Well, if nothing else for me, this subject alerted me to the one shots on that flv fan site. The Blueberry Serial, Crack Pie, and Macaroon Pie look especially tempting.


LOL, almost ! :smiley:

On this post: http://flvfan.com/testing-solo-flavors/
You mention “Ultra Flavors” Which manufacturer is “NV” and “TS” ?? FLV I can guess is Flavorah, but I’m unaware of those other 2.

And for your available flavors, what is the recommended usage percentages ?
I’m digging/wanting to try out the Macaroon Pie flavor you have.

Thanks !


(NV or NVC) it was a flavor lab that has been merged, then closed. Sorry.
TS was my line brand before I switched it over to SB flavors.
The shots listed on site are available, or will be, once I get back from vacation.
If you are interested, contact the page and I can catch up once I am back.


Thanks :slight_smile:
All 3 have been top sellers for me, and my menu does change out once a month or when I can get to it.