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Scales, are they worth it?


should I buy some scales or keep mixing by the ml?

Flavourart lids

Worth every penny you save by using them. Also the time saved. You won’t regret buying a scale.



I mix with scales and find it so much simpler and quicker with less mess and clean up, a lot of people here use scales and some also mix by ml’s there are pros and cons to each method


1000000% worth it. Using my scale I can mix up 5 or 6 bottles in the time it took me to fumble around with syringes and make one bottle.


As a guy that switched to a scale recently after being a long time holdout, yes, yes, oh god, yes.

No dedicated syringes or contamination of your flavors.
Much more accurate.
Much faster.
Less messy.

Just tare the scale after each ingredient and move on to the next. Its just so easy.

Just do it. Its worth the $20 you’ll put in by a long way.

Recommend you order a couple hundred disposable pipettes with your scale, for those larger bottles of flavor.


What everyone above said.

So, have you ordered one yet? :smile:

Don’t buy 2 like I did. This one - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UGBG20 - is way better than the first one I bought. It was recommended here, of course.


I can say I never did the measure by volumn method as a whole. But as you can see, countless threads regarding mixing be weight, heck yeah a scale is worth it.


Oh, and a tip for you. I wish I would have thought of this before ordering my scale and finding out the hard way… Make sure that the screen isn’t on the same side as your dominant hand! I’m right handed and my screen is on the right side of the scale, so when I’m adding everything to my mixes my arm blocks it. It’s kind of annoying.


I have been mixing for over a year now and I had always used syringes, for one, I thought it was going to be complicated to switch to using a scale and for two, I couldn’t afford one…I just recently was gifted, by the “Vapinati”,(those of you who are included know who you are and I thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart) the American Weigh LB 501 scale! Not only is it a great scale, it is very simple to mix by weight. I am so happy that I am able to mix by weight now. It makes my mixing sessions less messy and more productive. You will not be sorry if you buy a scale, but I would recommend getting the scale I mentioned above because it comes with a power cord and when it is plugged up instead of using batteries there is no automatic shut to worry about while you are mixing. It is also completely accurate and it comes with the calibration weights. Good luck! I hope you make the switch!


Mine too, i knew it before i bought it but it makes it more fun lol


A scale really takes the “chore” out of mixing. It’ll be the best investment you make as a mixer, guaranteed.


Yes, it is very much worth it. It\s much easier and more accurate.


It really does , it is so much simpler and faster when using a scale. I would have to say second best though , Vanilla Custard V1 is my best investment to date!:grinning:


scales all the weigh man :+1:

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+1 for scales. Quicker, cleaner and more accurate.


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