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Searching for a sweet tobacco mint recipe


Hey everyone,

i have a question for my mom. my mom stopped smoking 1 month ago and i helped her with making ejuice. She liked tobacco with raisin flavour that she bought from the shop, so i started with only ry4 double as a flavour. She liked it but she wants a flavour with some mint in it (she added mint to the raisin tobacco juice). i have searched a lot for this recipe but i guess that no one likes a sweet tobacco with mint flavour haha.
do anyone have a recipe for me?

Thanks in advance!!!


I’m going to throw it out there. Are you looking for menthol, a cooling agent (feels cool but no extra flavor), or mint/spearmint/other mint flavor?



Mint tobacco search on the recipe side, 2 whole pages and some look real nice.


Thanks for your reply’s!

@Chrispdx She wants a little bit cooling with a mint flavour (i think this is spearmint).

@David5362 Thanks for your reply! i think that i have found these recipes that come close to what she is looking for!
Sweet Vanilla Mint tobacco
Honey min T tobacco


It’s always hard when you need to mix for a family memeber. It does require a bit of trial and error and buying flavors that’s you may only use once.

That said. Spearmint flv, this is a nice flavor. It’s pretty strong so one or two drops per 15ml is a good starting point.

For cooling and other. You can try ws-23, polar blast fa, and also menthol.

I don’t have a lot of experience with tobaccos. I’m the first to admit it. That said. I do like virgina flv, ry4 double tpa. But that’s where I stop. The general community does like a lot of the flv tobaccos, such as red burley…but I don’t have that one. So to that end take a look at recpies that use a flv tobacco.

All in all. When buying these flavors buy small concentrates. 10-15 ml. Many of these wil go along way.


RY4 Legend (FA) 3%
DNB (Inawera) 0.5%
Fresh Mint (Inawera) 0.75%

Used to make this for my wife. RY4 Legend is a sweet tobacco flavour, DNB gives it that ash effect and the fresh mint is like the taste when you rub a mint leaf between your fingers. She vaped if for a couple of years but vapes it without the mint now.(adjust the mint flavour to your personal preference) the other 2 are good to go though.

Steep for a minimum of 2 weeks, but the longer the better. I just make her and my daughter in law up 500ml of it each and usually just carries on steeping over the 3-4 months it lasts them.


If you’re in the US, DIY Vapor Supply has a Hangsen flavor called Reno. I bet you could just mix this up as a single flavor in the 4% range and it’ll probably satisfy. It’s got a sweet tobacco flavor and some mint. Maybe throw in 3% HS RY4 if you want it to be a little sweeter and bold.