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Great, thanks for that. But there is a typo.
It should be &sort=ratecount with an ampersand, not a question mark.


Not if it’s the only parameter :wink: If there are more parameters, like if you pressed page 2, then it should be an ampersand :slight_smile:


I treat ELR the way I treat Allrecipes. I go straight to the bad reviews, they’re usually the most accurate.


eh, flock the herd, or etc. Diamonds in the rough, or outcasting mixers that dont have time/resources/sponsors to make odd unique flavorings or get the hottest/newest flavorings from never-heard-before companies.
It’s not a matter of knowing mixers, or looking at how many recipes they have posted or how many people give them thumbs up.
It’s about knowing the flavors, the percentages, the profiles and how they work together. :slight_smile: kudos to the oprahes and dr. phils of vaping, but :wink: we all put just as hard work into our recipes as they do.

now,i think it would really come down to a private rating or public. author can set to a private rating, but not a public rating on their own recipe. it eliminates false ratings from spam profiles, because they found a way around the “comment to rate” thing by just putting a period on it. I think they should at least leave 10 character reviews to filter spam out though.


Self rating are fine in my opinion. Because honestly it’s only one vote

The reason I say this is . If you make a recipe based of it being 5* and turns out to be something you flush down the toilet . Your going to leave a bad review and give it 1 star… now it’s no longer a 5* recipe.

Take this recipe I made

Turned out a lot better than I expected . First flavor I made that I vaped until it was all gone.

So I self rated it 5* based on it being something I would vape all day everyday.

Meaning of the Star ratings in my opinion

5* all day vape
4* enjoyed vaping , will vape again and worth recomending to friends
3* enjoyed vaping, will vape again but not something to write home about
2* vape store Quality
1* flush this down the toilet


IMO a “flusher” would never make it to be rated and an all day vape can perhaps be improved so i am picky about handing anything a 5.


Everything CAN improved but if you love it and its not broke… then why ?.. Im finicky so if choose something for an all day vape that i love, then it deserves a 5 imo. The rating process has only 5 stars, a 4.9 is not possible and 4 would be low for something ya love, again imo


Interesting how perceptions vary. (I totally agree with your point for ‘loving an ADV’ being worth 5 stars mind you… But I just found it interesting how large your gap “appears” between 4 and 5. And that’s what inspired the following)

To me a 3 is decent (foundationally solid if you will).
A 4 is absolutely enjoyable, and praise-worthy.


To me a 4 is very good as well, but Im not in love with it. I got to love it to vape all day :slight_smile:
A 3 would be ok, vapable , but definitly can be improved


But what would you rate a self rated 5* recipe you flush down the toilet.

Would you not rate it or give it a star to lower its rating


No it would never be a public recipe, so this is a line of questioning and discussion is for all purposes academic at best.


Is this now a biggest weenie thread? Seems we’ve devolved to nitpickity. I opened a can o’ worms (bad idea for a vape juice by the way).


Not your fault, there are some people that like to ask questions, get answers, then say well I know popular opinion says this but I’m gonna do what I want to anyway because I know better. I just asked the question to waste your time and tell you you are wrong.


I wasn’t singling anyone out. Just noticed the nature of the intertubes showing through again. I do it myself sometimes. OK, more than sometimes, sometimes.


When I first added a recipe here, I rated it “unsteeped” force steeped with a bath. Because I liked it better than the ADV that I was trying to get the hints of. I then retracted that because I was surprised that it came up as 4*s when I looked at it. In my case it was the first thing I made and about the best I have ever vaped because I am sensitive to sweetners. And without that sweet kick, it was so refreshing. I did do my research on flavors, a little at a time, for about a year, so that helped IMHO. I made it not public on account that it is simple and I am a noob. But for me, it was and is one of the best things I have ever vaped, period.


Nor am I, I have just noticed with certain people this seems to be what happens.


5 - call people and tell them about it
4- would make again
3- is OK
2- wouldn’t finish bottle
1- dump and ask for my money back, probably go outside and slap the ground and throw leaves in the air


I think this should be you 1star response.


Now I dont know how to make it private. :neutral_face:


Click the wrench in the upper right corner, then click edit, then scroll down to under your flavors and on the left check the this recipe is private box and save. :+1: