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Now I cant find which one. I think I made it private but it will take time to know for sure, unless some kind soul can tell me if I have any public? I have had too much vodka i think. Im making up for NYE


Is it this one?


Oh! It must be! So sorry for my lack of awareness!



Oh my! I have to get the artist to make a drink to toast that! I have drank all I had. Haha



BTW, I see the bug there. But then I really do love, (non blood sucking, arthropoda, so I can only take it as a compliment.
You have no Idea how much I appreciate the effort.


Spiders poop crystals. That’s oddly cool.


Most spiders that I have raised squirt the poop and it spatters the walls of a cage. This is why screen enclosures are best for orb weavers. They spray away from their web, but if it is in a cage, it leaves a spattered, but not so stinky mess. Bug poop isnt as bad as dog, cat, or even snake (fuckin gross) smelling poop. But it is still poop. Lol


My whole life has been a lie. I thought spiders and grasshoppers pooped crystals.


Well I cant participate, no weenie here, perhaps i can judge them? :grin:


You have no idea. They poop thr same as we do, but it is less gross cause they are bugs. Little poops are less than big poops. But we all poop.


Ooohh! Lexie!


Anyway, bug poop.is not the same as other poop. It is all recycling in one way or another


As long as you can get past all the undergrowth and find them!


Undergrowth? This could be a problem :fearful:


Hey in my experience the people that act like they have the biggest pipe, have a hard time finding it when they need to. So I’m just speculating that you may need to do some bush wacking.


I’ll take your word on it since you have the experience.



You can actually see who has rated a recipe by clicking the upper blue button and then click ratings.there are a lot of good recipes with no rating at all and a lot of crap recipes(personal opinion and taste) with several 5 stars …
And here we are talking about the rating system again.i guess when you have such a huge database like elr does it is hard to fix problems like this for so many reasons.personally when i look for new ideas i search by ingredients


Would you rate spider poop 4 or 5 stars?


Spider poop is 1 star.

Well, this is what New Years should have been like but I made up for it…

Dont drink and post unlees you want to feel as crunchy as I do right now.