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Sorry everyone.


What are you sorry for?


Derailing the thread with spider poop nonsense! Just feeling crunchy about all the drunk posting I was doing. I had fun though.


Nothing you said was out of line, take that from a guy that gets the naughty post pms from time to time. Until you get one of those your all good, once you do just hide in the corner for a few day tossing out crumbs.


I’m confused. I would have definitely rated it 5 stars!

  • small
  • can’t smell it
  • doesn’t matter when you’ve stepped in it.

(though bear in mind, I’m thinking “free-range” spiders here. Not caged) lol


Hmm now we have to figure out flavors in spider poop so we can vape it


Spider poop

Acacia berry
Acacia Honey

What % I don’t know


When they are caged, they have 1 star poop because it is usually on the sides. As compared with other pet arthropoda, it is a PITA because most of the others I have kept have produced frass. It is like little dry pellets, can just dump them out of the enclosure and not have to scrub the hell out of it. Healthy Mantis poop is 4 star because it is just so easy to deal with and can have a slight maple like smell of you can smell it at all.

Free range arthropoda excrement is 5 star.


I was glad to see a thread about self-ratings, because I’d thought long and hard about this: should I, or shouldn’t i? never was sure I’d made the right decision, but self-rating was common enough, i figured it was probably excpected, and also it’s very handy for self-reference, which is what I thought most people actually use it for. That swung it, for me.

But now I’ve found out that some people that I respect regard it as" patting youtself on the bacjk". And some others find it annoying, from a search POV. , so now I’ve thought of - and implemented a compromise- just knock one star off my self-ratings , so they don’t look like -nor function as- self-promotion.

How’s about that?

[EDIT: P.S, when i thought that self-rating was the “done thing” I was really puzzled by the unrated recipes I found, think ing to myself “why the heck difd they publish this recipe if they don’t rate it as worthy of even so much as a single star?” . Well, now, it looks like there’s no such thing as “done thing” at all, just a mess of conflicting opinions.

So maybe there should be some clear guidlines? i’m sure none of us (weeell, very few of us , anyway) want to piss each other off, and some kind of consistent policy would be easier to work with all round, wouldn’t it?]


Thanks for the interesting link! That a salticid goes vegetarian is not the biggest surprise as they dont keep a web trap and mostly eat flying insects, many of which may be full of sweet nectars.
Acacia flavor for a spider poop vape is now quite interesting and a valid reason to mix it. Haha


I don’t think you should subtract from your rating just because your rating it, as long as your honest with yourself and what you think.

Also I think the star system means different things to different people

Some 1 star means it good and 5 star means its out of this world. And don’t rate bad juices. Which is fine but to me this doesn’t allow for bad juices which have a 5* rating to be lowered from a 5*

Me i feel like * system is a scale of 1 - 5 what do you think. 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

And honestly if its the best thing if tasted ill give it 5* if its not then it will get what it deserves or no rating at all… depends if i have to text my friends and ask them when they coming over because they got to try this new flavor.

5* all day vape
4* enjoyed vaping , will vape again and worth recomending to friends
3* enjoyed vaping, will vape again but not something to write home about
2* vape store Quality (will vape as a last resort)
1* flush this down the toilet

As you can see if not had real good luck with juice from my local vape shops. Until i started making my own. It was literally what am i going to tolerate this week when i went to the vape shop.


I pretty much agree with all you say, but hey ! it’s a compromise, like i say, and that compromise works for me, So long as I’m consistent, it works for self-reference. just gives me a slighhtly smaller spread, and self-reference is the definitely main thing for me, cos, frankly , I’ll be bloody amazed if anybody’s interested enough in my efforts to mix 'em and rate 'em :rofl: . I just want to able see at a glance, which of my own recipes I’m really happy with., especially given i’ve got v1, v2 and v3 of much the same thing , in some cases. Star ratings help me seperate my sheep from my goats.

ideally, we’d all have the same understanding, and all be either rating or not rating own recipes . Or- hey! maybe the system could be modified so that self-rating remains private, even when tjhe recipe goes public? that would enforce consistency wouldn’t it? though I’m not sure everyone would like that. or even if it’s possible .


I’ve been on here for a couple years and the recent Add (feature) from @daath (owner) has really helped me focus my most favorite “My Recipes”. After years of “Adapting” recipes that have caught my attention, I now have like almost 100 pages under “My Recipes”. That’s unmanageable in terms of finding something to mix today.

The “Favorites” feature lets me “heart” the cream of my own crop and create a much shorter list to consider/prioritize for mixing. Just click that little Heart Icon up by the Stars ratings, then you can choose “Favorites” under the dropdown on your logged in ELR Home Recipe/Calculator page to view. What a time saver! Heh of course how long will it be before I have too many pages of Favorites :wink:


I think the Self Rating system could be used to filter out those spam recipes by adding a “Private Rating” section, similar to the private notes, but private star rating system. I haven’t seen anyone give themselves a 2 star to their own recipe. (I’ve made some 2 star recipes by accident but I aint gonna post them up for yall to see)
I respect the idea that folks want to share their creation, but don’t try to catfish me into thinking you made a 5 star recipe. Let the manual system ride out naturally and let someone else find it, try it and rate it. children%20this%20is%20bait