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Session Drummer's GeekVape GBox Squonk Kit Rewivew


Thanks very much @Alisa means a lot coming from you. Sorry about the 38% miss-age. :frowning: I’m steadily squonk/vaping on it, and even without the discount, it’s just too good, consistant, and trouble free to not recommend it without the discount. Be advised @SthrnMixer advised on a lower than expected power ceiling in TC mode.


Placed an order for two of this little f**ers. Hope they are worth it. nice price for both € 61,- inkl. shipping


Rock on @Weedhunter


Hey dude!

While it’s true about the wattage limitation in TC, don’t let that stop you from what is probably the best squonk mod available for the price! @SessionDrummer your review was great. Had I not already owned one I would probably have bought right after reading it.

My only goal was to shed a little more light as I had used this mod for a bit before I read this thread. Funny thing - I’m about to buy another one! :slight_smile: Thanks for the time you took in making this info available for all.


@SthrnMixer That’s what I like to hear !!!


I already had it but I agree, that’s a compelling review. A couple of my friends, even long time squonkers, have said they find themselves using the GBOX as a primary more than any other gear these days. They really have a hit on their hands with this one.


Thanks a lot @Phil_Fish.


I’m a couple months into this GBOX now, and a glaring issue has surfaced. The stock bottles are rubbish. Been through two of them already (developed stress fractures). You’d think if they were going to design a proprietary squonking system, they would use better bottles.

I have the silicone replacement system on order so it won’t have me out of commission, but that is a real swing and a miss if you ask me. I am going to like the silicone replacement system a lot better, but I do wish they’d have used better material. Not backing off my recommendation of this setup though. I still love it.


Thanks for the update, we don’t get enough of those!


Received my Gbox 2 weeks ago. It runs with a goon 1.5 and i enjoy it very much. I didn´t expect that it is so big. I usually vape arround 70W, so the 2x18650 give me a runtime long enough. The squonk bottle is ok for me, no need to change for silikon.

One thing i don´t like, is to fill up the squonk bottle. I have to open the batterie cover, take out the batteries, take out the bottle, fill it up, put it back, put the batteries back, close the cover. It would be nicer if i could only pull out the squonk bottle.

Summary it is a very good squonker, i would buy again :+1:. Thx @SessionDrummer I think my search for Vapegear seems to find an end.

MtL Kit :+1:
DtL Tank Kit :+1:
Squonk Kit :+1:
Testing Kit :+1:

Now waiting for the release of Morten Oens/Cthulhu mod RDA


Thank you @Weedhunter. Although filling the bottle isn’t the easiest, they do have something that makes it much easier …



Yes, i have seen this thing on everzon. About € 13,- and another part to clean, if i want change the flavor. When i ordered it was out of stock. Maybe next order.


I went on a hunt and found these that fit on my standard juice bottle - no parts to clean except when i finish the bottle