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Session Drummer's GeekVape GBox Squonk Kit Rewivew


Thanks very much @Alisa means a lot coming from you. Sorry about the 38% miss-age. :frowning: I’m steadily squonk/vaping on it, and even without the discount, it’s just too good, consistant, and trouble free to not recommend it without the discount. Be advised @SthrnMixer advised on a lower than expected power ceiling in TC mode.


Placed an order for two of this little f**ers. Hope they are worth it. nice price for both € 61,- inkl. shipping


Rock on @Weedhunter


Hey dude!

While it’s true about the wattage limitation in TC, don’t let that stop you from what is probably the best squonk mod available for the price! @SessionDrummer your review was great. Had I not already owned one I would probably have bought right after reading it.

My only goal was to shed a little more light as I had used this mod for a bit before I read this thread. Funny thing - I’m about to buy another one! :slight_smile: Thanks for the time you took in making this info available for all.


@SthrnMixer That’s what I like to hear !!!


I already had it but I agree, that’s a compelling review. A couple of my friends, even long time squonkers, have said they find themselves using the GBOX as a primary more than any other gear these days. They really have a hit on their hands with this one.


Thanks a lot @Phil_Fish.