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Session Drummer's GeekVape GBox Squonk Kit Rewivew


Thank you @fidalgo_vapes, @Lostmarbles, and @Jim22.


@Lolly Thank you petal… :blush:


@Chewy I know I did !!! I know whenever I’ve tried a “kit” I’ve not liked one part or the other, this one surprised me.


@mjag Thank you, but just trying to catch UP to you !!!


@Steampugs Thank you, means a lot, especially from the review guy !!! :slight_smile: First equipment review on ELR, yes.


@Mix_and_Hope Agreed, but it seems regulated squonking is making a push right now. I agree with the “fancy” part. I mean, if it doesn’t taste good, or you don’t love the look, why use it ?


Thank you @Molly_Mcghee


Great review SD.


Thanks a lot @TheTinMan.


@HealthCabin Just informed me that they are offering a 10% off your entire order:

2018 Chinese Spring Festival Sales
Whole Order 10% OFF (except Clearance)
Coupon Code: CNY2018
Date: Feb. 10 - 25 (-0600GMT)


Very nice brother, can we look forward to seeing more from you!?


Great review @SessionDrummer! I’m super pumped to read more of your reviews!!! :tada:


Already been said but great review SessionDrummer, informative, easy to read, and well illustrated! I need to get a better camera :slight_smile: also I’d like to say i have browsed @HealthCabin 's website and it is great! Seems they have all the top brands at competitive prices. IDK if they just sent this to you for review, or did you win it? but either way they should send you another device for review! And one last thing, I never could get an RDA to work without the spitting fireballs and finally gave up, so tell me do you think I’d have any luck with the Radar?
5/5 review

Spitting Fireballs thread offshoot
Spitting Fireballs thread offshoot

I think I could swing that, hehe. Always about the free time, or LACK thereof right ?

Thank you @VapeyMama

Thanks a lot @CosmicTruth, very high words of praise. I did not win it, but they contacted me to see if I would be willing to review it. We’ll see if they like me or not LOL.


Grear review. Thank you @SessionDrummer!
I was wondering whether it is possible to adjust the brightness of the display. I received the answer.



Thanks @Nextron Very easy to do. Just HOLD down the FIRE button and the + or - buttons TOGETHER to either adjust brighter or dimmer, i.e. fire and + is brighter, fire and - is dimmer.




Awesome job Man!!


Thanks @Eddiepraysforpeace.


Awesome review.
Kinda sad I missed the 38% discount. That green one is so purdy and
I’ve been wanting to Squonk. Oh well… I’ll keep my eyes open for another
good deal.

Thanks for the review dear. You always do such a great job!