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Session Drummer's review of Aspire's Speeder Revvo Kit


Great Review @SessionDrummer, excellent photos , put that one on my list.


Thanks very much @Mix_and_Hope. I’m STILL vaping on the original coil at this point, and I’ve probably gone through about 20 tanks of juice, and it’s still kicking. Obviously BUYING coils can be a big turn off for some, but so far this one coil, has surprised me. The wife loves the flavor from my Steam Craves, but she’ll NEVER build a coil, or wick one, so I’m thinking this might be a GREAT setup for her for pretty damned good flavor, little to no hassles, and coils that (at least so far any way) seem to last quite a while.


Thanks for the review @SessionDrummer :slight_smile:
What kind of material do these coils come in? Can you vape them in TC and if so, how well does the mod perform with TC?


@Suomynona Thank you. They spec the wire as Kanthal AF:

Kanthal AF is a ferritic iron-chromium-aluminium alloy (FeCrAl alloy) for use at temperatures up to 1300°C (2370°F). The alloy is characterized by excellent oxidation resistance and very good form stability resulting in long element life.

Kanthal AF is typically used in electrical heating elements in industrial furnaces and home appliances.

Example of applications in the appliance industry are in open mica elements for toasters, hair dryers, in meander shaped elements for fan heaters and as open coil elements on fibre insulating material in ceramic glass top heaters in ranges, in ceramic heaters for boiling plates, coils on molded ceramic fibre for cooking plates with ceramic hobs, in suspended coil elements for fan heaters, in suspended straight wire elements for radiators, convection heaters, in porcupine elements for hot air guns, radiators, tumble dryers.

As far as TC, I’d never really been a huge fan, and typically vaped in wattage mode, but for this combo I made sure to put it through it’s paces, including making sure the upper limit of TC wasn’t capped, and it wasn’t. NOT being a TC expert by any means, I had really good vapes across the spectrum of temperatures. Some juices didn’t work well at higher temps, and others did, which I took into account. I had zero issues or complaints about any of the TC vaping with this setup, but again, I’m not the TC authority hehe. The TC seemed to fare very well across the battery charge, and only after I’d almost drained the batteries did it ramp down, as expected. Actually the TC provided a very “even” vaping experience for me.


GREAT review. Had my own review all set to post, but luckily just found yours.

I’ve had this mod and tank for a week and put it through a good trial run. After using a Big Baby Beast tank for several months, I have to say this tank beat the heck out of the BBB in vapor and especially in flavor. Super impressed. The overall package, for me, is just right.

I happen to like prebuilt coils and have been using such for years on and off. Oh, and I actually like the top-fill contraption they came up with. So easy to fill and I didn’t have any messes at all. The top airflow is really nice too. Adjusting it is easy and it stays where you set it. Also, I haven’t ever had a tank that came with this neat-o cap. Helps to be able to cap it when I’m outdoors, working in the garden.

Thanks for the review. Very well done!


Thank you @Alisa I went into it not expecting a lot, especially flavor, but it really surprised me.