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Session Drummer's review of the Fatality RTA by QP Design


Thank you @woftam, @adary, and @Josephine_van_Rijn.


That’s what motivated me too. Thank you @Suomynona.



Nice review!! Almost making me potentially consider possibly replacing my Iron Maiden, but just not quite. At 30mm I’m well used to a bit of overhang though. Looking good!!


That is one GORGEOUS RTA! I love it! Great review!


@anon44944642 NEVER replace your Iron Maiden, ADD TO your Iron Maiden…


Meant replace as the daily driver, of course… Anyway, I have the one with the rare (and illegal) band logo, how can I not use it? :pleading_face:


@anon44944642 Because these ARE becoming very scarce, and are of next gen. status, I say BUY ONE, and hold it close like a baby !!!


It’s “buy two” thanks to my wife tagging along on this journey. I can’t fit it into the non-existent vape budget at the moment! But it does look pretty good. @woftam’s Juggernaut option looks tasty too.


I’ve contacted Gas City Vapes, and they never receive any samples from QP, so I’m contacting them now @anon44944642.


Great read, thanks. I’m considering picking up the juggerknot and mini. Would add this to the list but I have overhang anxiety issues, drives me batty.


There are some cases where it’s just too much, like a 30mm atty on my iPV4s (looks like a Popsicle), but I can handle a MM or two. My 30mm is sitting on my Charon Mini and it’s not at all bad really. I like the shorter, wider ones over the smokestack tall ones anyway so it’s a fair trade-off…


Thanks a lot @SunnyT.


There are clones of QP tanks floating around that are just as good as the real thing. I don’t necessarily encourage purchase of clones, but these tanks are made of unobtanium for some folks here, so it’s worth checking out some reputable chinese vendors like 3avape, 3fvape and fasttech


@Letitia As you can see (kinda) even on my Paranormal there is a wee bit of overhang, but I QUICKLY became DISTRACTED from that lil’ issue as I could no longer SEE the overhang, due to the voluminous flavor clouds it was making. Everyone’s “batty” is different, but you JUST might find, that once you’re using it, …


I hear you there, man. But if you get a clone, make sure you have a quality allen wrench for the Chinesium grub screws. That’ll save a lot of headaches.

Sorry for the quick off-topic jump, but a shot of a 30mm atty on the little Charon Mini (and yes, there’s the ol Iron Maiden band logo airflow ring)…


Damn it…why can’t I get my husband to switch to vaping??? Maybe because he knows he would have to say things like this to me!!!


Well, it used to be ‘buy two packs’, so it’s not all bad… But I also get to do all the maintenance, coil building, and juice making, so…


The acrylic overhang on my Fireluke bugs me enough that after 2 weeks it gets washed and back to the closet it goes for a few weeks.


Well, the two times I almost got him to completely switch, I did all this ^^^, but I would take that any day over him smoking, but I just can’t get him to stick with it… he’s not as crazy about all things vape like I am… I just give it to him and tell him to vape it and he does, but then he goes to work and smokes… I kinda gave up… Sorry for the hijack of the thread @SessionDrummer!