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Session Drummer's review of the Fatality RTA by QP Design


Back on topic, I am one that despises overhang, but for some reason, I think this one wouldn’t bother me all that much… I would probably have to buys a mod that it actually fits on though!

But based on the review and the looks of this beauty, I think it would all be worth it…now if I could just find some $…


@adary, I actually considered this briefly, but once I saw how complex the inners were on this, I didn’t want to chance it. It COULD work out however.


Excellent review @SessionDrummer

I had heard such good things about it but was in the lull of the first run being sold out and no second run yet so bought the clone of FT, pricey for a clone though at $28, would have rather bought the original but there were none at that time. The clone is damn good though but having 2 other original QP tanks, the Juggernaut and Kali RDA the build quality is a downgrade.

Now you got me itching to buy the OG, if they had the gunmetal in stock it would have been ordered already…hmmmmmm, that Gold sure does look nice though.

As far as the Juggernaut it has a pretty tight airflow, the Fatality is a LOT more airy in case others are wondering. I like more airflow so the juggernaut doesn’t get a lot of use, the Fatality is another animal completely.

Great, now I have to try and shake the OG Fatality out of my mind, your review was too good brother :+1:


Wow, thanks a lot @mjag, that means a lot to me. I mean, it’s not that everyone else comments don’t mean a lot to me, because they do, but if a reviewer stops by, that’s a bonus.

Thanks for the 411 on the clone, and @adary mentioned that as well, so maybe a cloned Fat is better than NO Fat at all ?? Don’t know for sure, but I’m chuffing away on the Fat as we speak, and I can attest that even at the not clone pricing, it’s worth it. Sorry bout the crappy rushed pics but I didn’t have time to do it up proper, but this damn thing was just too damned nice to NOT throw something up. Didn’t even have time to post it over at @Steampugs, but I’ll get on that tonight before he yells at me !!! Kddng… Thanks brother. And thanks again to everyone who replied, it always means a lot.


I figured someone would have called me out hehe …


I always enjoy your reviews, trust your opinions too, have never steered me or anyone else wrong :+1:


I appreciate that brother, thank you.


I work with a volunteer fireman, and he just got back in from a 5 alarm fire (big) and was checking out my FAT with the crew at the fire house, and asked me to dress up the gold for him, so in his service I Ultemed up the gold…


Ooorah Dom…


Excellent review thank you @SessionDrummer

Just ordered one as well as picked up a Juggerknot Mini RTA ~ because I love my OBS Nano Engine.



Thank you @SCutshall.


Great review brother, never owned a qp designs anything but ive heard good things, such a nice looking tank, nice job :wink::facepunch:


Sorry, but I couldn’t call you out regarding something I know nothing about :thinking:! Everyone knows that I am #teamfreeshit all the way :grin:!!!

And I didn’t even notice this, because once I read the review, I didn’t even care about the cons, because your review was just that good, and the looks of this RTA are that much better :sunglasses:!!!

Oh, and if anyone is interested in a silver ($25) or black ($26) clone, 3avape has them, but no gold or gunmetal…


Thanks a lot for the kind words @SunnyT. :hugs::hugs::hugs:



Back at ya bro!


Thanks a lot @Steampugs, I have added it to your site as well.


It really is intriguing, more so when you dressed it in gold. Crisp looking device.


@anon44944642 I sat there (vaping the beast) looking at the spare Ultem thinking, “Ehh, don’t think I like the looks of the yellow tank or tip”. Well that was wrong. Switched them into play, and I couldn’t agree more, or have been more wrong.


@SessionDrummer another great review. Again, I like the photos. Pretty badass RTA. Looks like QP Design has their stuff together. I looked over the offerings on the website you mentioned. Sure wish they offered something in the MTL category.


@28if thank you, and I can’t agree more. If they MTL’d I’d be one of the first on the band wagon.