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Session Drummer's review of the Fatality RTA by QP Design


Forunately I get my concentrates from UK (chefs, thee-cigshop and rainbowvapes) for 5-8 UK pounds shipping regardless of the parcel size or weight. Big issues for me are 100mg nic (have to order from US) and batteries (have to purchase locally since they can’t be shipped to Israel without a flat $45 DHL rate for a pair).
I get my gear from China with free shipping.

Forwarders to Israel are also expensive af. Not worth it …


Ya same boat here for the most part. (re Chefs anyhow)


Awesome review, I think I’m gonna get the missus to find me one!


OK, Well, @SessionDrummer. You got me. I did get the Fatality today, and it did unseat my Iron Maiden (Yeah, well I ran out of spare parts for it too, but still).

Great atty, and I am REALLY glad I let your stellar review talk me into it.

I got the gold one (and a Rainbow for Bernice), and I have it in your Fireman Mode, as in Ultem tank and tip. Great flavor, great quality, great device! QP Design fan here now!


Outstanding @anon44944642 (and thank you). Will be very glad to hear what you think.

And because your Maiden has fallen, … a tribute …


Well I now have one on the way. And I blame you @SessionDrummer !


I’ve never spent up for a “quality” atty, so my thoughts on it are probably a bit more effervescent than others who buy the good stuff all the time. But it is fantastic! Your review, any review really, can’t really convey the outstanding quality of craftsmanship and finish this has. Pictures just don’t do it justice. The bottom (biggest smooth surface on it) is like a golden mirror. The fit and finish are excellent. It is easy to build, easy to assemble/disassemble, easy to adjust, easy to fill, etc. And the performance is sonic. It is a really quality piece of hardware.

Only bummer is the 6ml bubble looks awkward, so I am going with the 4 for now. I got spoiled for the 8.5mm capacity of the Maiden so it’s an adjustment.


@SessionDrummer, I couldn’t agree more with you about this tank. Great review.


Thank you very much @Beaufort_Batches that means a lot.


I was wrong about that. I swapped out the Ultem tall and put in the 6ml clear Bubble (QP included the adapter so you can switch between tank sizes). I think it looks regal, like a crown of gold. Of course, I’m weird.


I’m liking the gold crown myself !!! @anon44944642.


Fatailty owners… thoughts…

I moved my coils far apart, right over their respective mid-post air holes. I opened the top ring up all the way and closed the bottom one fully. I think it makes the flavor sing compared to pushing them towards the middle and sharing airflow rings, how do you folks place your duals and subsequent airflow?


coil directly over side holes, top ring open 90%, bottom ring open 10% (approximately)

Very similar to your setup


I can take the heat brother @Cutlass92


@anon44944642 I’m still trying different orientations. When I first got it, I only tried a few configs, as I didn’t want to waste too much time on that part of it, but my initial results favored more from the bottom ring and less from the top. I’m going to do some more testing and see if I get similar results to you guys.


Can’t get the link to work. QP Fatality rta on sale on ebay, one left, ships from China.


if that is the one you mean it is a clone


Figured at that price but thought someone might be interested.


Fastech has perfect clones for way cheaper :slight_smile:


Thanks for the review!:spades: