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Session Drummer's review of the Fatality RTA by QP Design


Agreed, a MTL from QPD, I would have to buy a couple. That gold dressed photo you put up looks gorgeous. (Did I just say that about an atty?)

Oh and thanks for bringing these guys to my attention.


You’re very welcome @28If. I’m rather embarrassed that I’d never heard of them before.

I don’t think I even have any other gold setups EXCEPT, … one special edition SteamCrave LOL…

Ummmmm, yes you did, and I did too. :slight_smile:


Review updated ^^^^

Update (11-9-18) – Continued non-stop use of this, including multiple re-wicks proves this to be a VERY reliable flavor chucking vapor monster. I have intentionally changed up the wicking in the wells from fairly full, to not as full, and I just doesn’t seem to really matter. No leaking, no dry hitting, it’s just NOT that picky, and I like that. I DID however manged to BREAK the 4ml glass tank, so I am unsure as to the hardness of it. Didn’t drop the tank loaded or assembled, but when washing the parts, and moving to set them down, dropped the 4ml glass onto the counter and it cracked. Didn’t seem like that far of a fall, but I may have hit it JUST right, but not sure, and reporting AS IS. If you’re a similarly clumsy oaf pick up a spare…


Question, @SessionDrummer… Is there any sort of procedure that needs to be followed when filling to avoid leaking? Like the Boreas Burp or something…


I like to close the juice ports when refilling. just twist it clockwise


Back in the day I’d of been all over this one. Amazing and good looking rta!

But I switched to single coil, which for right now I enjoy much more. I’m sure as always, a dual can be run as single yada yada, that just never works with me.

Regardless, loved the review and if you ever test one of their other tanks, maybe even single coil, I’m the first to jump on the band wagon :wink: thanks for the work you put into it, @SessionDrummer :hugs:

(I’m out of likes, reason only half the ppl got one, also I didn’t miss the reviews of mr magic ogre and ma girl jose, as well as many others that I truly enjoy reading, just didn’t got to it yet! iSorry :revolving_hearts: )


Like @adary said @anon44944642 just shut off the juice flow, top it off, open juice flow back up.


Thank you very much @eStorm. I actually just received the Juggerknot, and although it’s a dualie as well, will def. have to write it up.


Not to tempt you or anything, ok ok maybe a little temptation… I am running a 4mm single coil in mine and its really really good. :angel::japanese_goblin:


So, the clones…

The two I have are almost identical to the real thing. Machining is superb, tolerances are good, and they perform line champs. The only real difference is that the base of the clones is 29mm instead of the original 28mm base.

Here is a photo dump of the silver/stainless clone I have

(click through for all the photos)


My clone arrived the other day - I haven’t wicked and coiled it yet. The other differences I noticed aside from the 29mm base are the bubble tank in the clone is plastic opposed to the glass in the OG. There is a 1.5-gram difference in the weight between the clone and the OG (heavier).

Despite the difference in the base size, the glass between the two appears interchangeable (i put it on but didn’t test for leaks)

All up the build quality on the clone is very good and worth trying if you can’t get hold of the original.


Completely agreed.

Some of the clones do have machining burn marks around the juice intake (my black one has it) but my stainless one is flawless

Main reason I never tried the bubble. I just have a feeling it will leak.


You could grab the bubble glass (not sure if it would be worth the shipping to you). I will test for leaks sometime over the weekend if you are interested


Thanks a lot @woftam and @adary.


I will say the bubble glass makes it look kinda weird when looking from the top tho lol (sorry for the dirty mod :grin:)



For $46 I will get something else.

The only North America based company that has sane shipping prices to Israel is Lightning Vapes. I can get 20 spools of wire shipped for $8


Holy cow here I was thinking the shipping to me was bad lol



I guess you don’t live in a shithole country in the middle east :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit of a derail but have you tried a forwarder? I have used myus.com before and they ship purely by weight not size it saves a ton of coin on stuff (if you choose to ship concentrates make sure you have the sds sheets to send to them).

Edit mind you on a single item like that there wouldn’t be much to save - the shipping to my forwarder would be $10


Wow, I thought the US to CA conversion beat me up. That IS some shipping !!!