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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


Thanks! It’s a 60" HP latex printer. It’s a little fuzzy in the fine text as that’s not what it was built to do but it’s acceptable for me. The labels are printed on adhesive back vinyl so application is very forgiving and liquid wipes right off with no issues.


Looking good. :ok_hand:


I have a Dell Color Laser printer that is a very nice printer. I think I had my image too large and when the printer had to scale it down everything got a little fuzzy. It has been awhile since I have done any printing but when I used to print decals for model railroaders I know this printer did extremely well with very fine printed text. I just have to get my image scaled down to 8.5 x 11 before adding the text and printing.


I’ve been wanting to upgrade the office printer, and the laser would probably be a better option for small decals. I never thought of using it for anything other than paper… you’ve opened my eyes :smile: Make sure you share a photo once you get your rescaling issue sorted out. I’d love to see how it comes out.

@Pattie - Thank you :relaxed:


My attempt at my own labels


New to the DIY scene and vaping at all tbh… heres my attempts WIP :slight_smile:



Very nice. :ok_hand: When i look at a juice with a name, i like to see a brief description of what flavour it is or generally i move on. Just a suggestion :yum:


Yeah definitely a good suggestion. Thanks


Same here in Arkansas, but soon as we pay 500 or so in fees we can sell… lol


Wow, I’m blown away by the creativity! I’m gonna need to get Photoshop open by the looks of things. I started selling juice to one of my friends, that friend turned into multiple friends and now my friends friends want some. I think a label would be a great way to move forward, at the moment they just get a bottle with juice in and that’s it lol.

What size are the labels everyone is using?


I was wondering this too. Also, what are people using to print this labels? Home printer, professional? Right now I’m just using a label maker that I recently found out my wife had in her home office. It only prints 1/2" labels but I’m getting by with it for now.


I’m using Avery 1 1/4 x 2 3/8 6872 print to the edge labels they work perfectly for 30ml and 50 ml bottles. I purchased a label design program for like 60 bucks but it’s not even half as good as averys online free one.


I was using those too and could design some nice labels but they didn’t hold up to getting wet at all.


Give them puppies the krylon touch with clear coat.


Nice Job, I designed labels for the Aerospace Industry for 30 years and I like your design!
What substrate (label material) did you use? Polyester, Vinyl, paper etc.?


Quick update for everyone.
Since I started this thread I’ve seen some awesome designs for everyones home brew. By some stroke of luck, my liquid got picked up in a few shops and I was able to upgrade my branding and my flavours!

I did the logo’s in Adobe Illustrator, and I did the layout in Adobe InDesign. I printed on a vinyl material for my plastic bottles so they wouldn’t be damaged when they’re squeezed. I got them done by a local guy for around .40CAD each.

They really stand out in the B&M because of their individual bright colours. I’d love to upload a template but unless you have the same software I’m afraid they’d be useless.

Keep the designs coming, and happy vaping!


Grats!! Nice job on the labels, too. :thumbsup:


can someone reccomend a label size for 30ml unicorn bottles? I’m doing a little diy project and would like them to look good. ty♡


Here is mine, just got picked up by a local vape shop. This all happening quickly, vaping is a fairly new thing in South Africa and its growing fast.