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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


I was using those too and could design some nice labels but they didn’t hold up to getting wet at all.


Give them puppies the krylon touch with clear coat.


Nice Job, I designed labels for the Aerospace Industry for 30 years and I like your design!
What substrate (label material) did you use? Polyester, Vinyl, paper etc.?


Quick update for everyone.
Since I started this thread I’ve seen some awesome designs for everyones home brew. By some stroke of luck, my liquid got picked up in a few shops and I was able to upgrade my branding and my flavours!

I did the logo’s in Adobe Illustrator, and I did the layout in Adobe InDesign. I printed on a vinyl material for my plastic bottles so they wouldn’t be damaged when they’re squeezed. I got them done by a local guy for around .40CAD each.

They really stand out in the B&M because of their individual bright colours. I’d love to upload a template but unless you have the same software I’m afraid they’d be useless.

Keep the designs coming, and happy vaping!


Grats!! Nice job on the labels, too. :thumbsup:


can someone reccomend a label size for 30ml unicorn bottles? I’m doing a little diy project and would like them to look good. ty♡


Here is mine, just got picked up by a local vape shop. This all happening quickly, vaping is a fairly new thing in South Africa and its growing fast.


What’s everybody’s views on using corks to cap bottles. This label on an amber bottle with a cork looks the business. Are there any issues with cork that i should be aware of?


Some really awesome labels here… here’s my latest, i went for a Steam Punk style label


I don’t know if anyone is still watching this thread or not but if someone is maybe you guys can help me. Currently I am using a generic brothers thermal label maker to make my labels but I want to step up to something a little more professional looking and I’m wondering if you guys have any pointers on where to go. I’m really leaning more to vinyl labels cause they will stand up a little better but I don’t know if I need to invest in the whole vinyl plotter setup or if I’d be able to accomplish what I need with like an inkjet printer and if I can do it with an inkjet which ones should I look at investing in. Any information you guys could send me would be greatly appreciated and I’d just like to say thanks in advance


Where do you guys print out your labels? The color label printers are so expensive!


May I know what’s the size (in pixel) you guys are using? And What/How should be the image format or printing settings that i should do for the letters to be clear and not blurred when I print it?



Great labels. I love your approach as you put additional information on recommended devices, and also it is easy to mark down the nic level and volume, that way you dont have to print out different labels in different quantities. Maybe I will incorporate this in my labels. Check mines out,let me know what you think…

Damn, i dont have the pics of my labels in full on my phone. Will upload from pc later


Look cool to me :ok_hand:


Thanks for wearing clothes during your photo session …just sayin’


Looking good brother!
Thanks for the compliments on my labels.

When I have a minute I’ll post my generic mixing label, I’m sure you guys would love it :slight_smile:

Happy vaping!



I dont sell Juice to anyone, the name is a inside joke of sorts between me and my brother as I tend to leave him juice while he is sleeping (he works nights) and he says I see the juice fairy has been here again :slight_smile: Thought printing this off as a label would be cute… (ive always given him juice I bought and didnt like and now I give him juices I mix whether I love them or hate em i share)

What size would I need to print for 30ml and 60 ml bottles?


Thats pretty wicked looking!