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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


printing service on ebay, there’s loads on there, £15 for around 200 vinyl, done it a couple of times, they look great :+1:


@Pugs1970 “totobacco” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


there it is :laughing:


I should do a liquid called that…


ohh sounds good my friend, will see what the laser printer at work wil do, have to price up vinyl labels also


These were the first guys I used, did a really good job.


Is that one design per order or can you get for example: 10 of one design 15 of another etc?


I did just one, I do so many flavours which change all the time so I made a generic one that I could write the flavour on and then use gold number stickers for the nic, I did see one that allowed I think either 3 or 4 different designs per order though, again on ebay


So a label with multiple flavours on and tickable boxes might be in order eh…

Save writing lol

Could probably get 5-6 flavours on one label and varying nicotine strength, PG/VG ratios, let’s say 3 of each:

Nicotine: 0/3/6
PG/VG: 60/40 50/50 30/70

Maybe even a custom box for those, I’ll try making one tomorrow when I get a minute.


I don’t see any reason why not man :+1: sounds like a plan, let me see what you come up with :wink::+1:


I’ll post it here when I have something, might have to sacrifice some logo space and other aesthetics but I don’t sell my e-liquid so I think I can bare it…


@Pugs1970 I got bored and made this…


Heres one with bottle size, batch ID and Born on boxes:


Well organised label there man :+1: does all you need, nice job!


Cheers! Its certainly not the most artistic label but like you say it does whats needed and saves some money on printing at least 12 different labels.


plus if you’re not selling it doesn’t need to be decorative, if it’s just for personal use it’s perfect, you’ve actually given me an idea for mixing bottles :+1:


You could use the ID from my batch collector on the bottle :laughing:


@Pugs1970 Is your idea to use the right hand side of that label by any chance?


pretty much yeah, still writable for flavour but would be useful :+1:


Here is a label I designed, I was forced to use b&w tho…
I had to take a screenshot because I designed it in a label making software, so please don’t mind the low quality…