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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


you have file with it? file for editing?


I mixed up a ton of 30 mls this last week as a test for new flavors. Of course I had to make labels :wink: Remember these are just for me so you may notice the conspicuously missing word “Premium” and other descriptives seen on juices you guys sell. These were fun @CosmicTruth , some I really like. @Pro_Vapes Subliminal. My Dymo software lets me add text with some nice flexibility and I snag images off google. Since the printer is thermal any colors get flattened to B&W. To find Line Drawing type pics I add the word “logo” to my search. Here’s some label snippets from this week.


Your having WAY too much fun


Ultra Premium © HA!


Still a WIP, but its looking better :slight_smile:




This is my beginning attempt

New bottle labels

Man there are some really killer labels here. My wife and I got into this together so here is ours. I just realized the other day I have to fix it. I’m sure you guys will catch it.

Nothing special, juice name goes in place of gmer4lfe, used this pic to make a custom mod skins. Looks great on my blue bottles

Man some really killer labels here


Nice work man :thumbsup:


Here’s a new one I’m thinking of.


Hmmm, Rus, if you either outline, or drop-shadow the USA it will be easier to read


Oh, and Cherry Poppins is the name of a pr0n star :wink:


Reminding yourself for later?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I name all my juices with some sort of sexual undertone. Exactly why you said, makes for some interesting conversation. :smiling_imp:


maybe a glass dropper in a cork


sorry wrong post lol


exactly the way i feel though i rarely buy commercial juice. but when i name mine, i put a brief sample of flave



This is brilliant for testing new recipes! I love that you have a box for version number - it’s important to keep track of!


Glad you appreciate it! Happy testing!