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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


nice work, love the look :ok_hand:


Thanks pugs took a while and many different “I’m done I like it”…and change it again.


My first attempt at a label … I am starting a DIY supply for DIY mixers … will be providing bottles, measuring stuff … everything you need to DIY without the liquids …


Does this look better?


My new logo:


My first attempt at a label WIP


I know mine isn’t on the same levels a all you folks in here but this is my first attempt . Ok be honest I can take it (I HOPE)


I really like this nice font!


I think they look fab! :+1:


Thank you Lolly
I am working on a few others will post when they near completion


Nice work, understated, reminds me of a 50’s horror flick :wink: I like it :+1:


Nice @G-Fog , very atmospheric :ok_hand:


Here’s something i put together just for the fun of it.


Simple seems to always be best, some really cool labels here


Here’s my creation:

the panels for the name


Looking fab they are! :heart_eyes:


And only £19 for 100!


Brilliant! That is a bargain - I was looking around online today and there are some right prices people charge!


I use these guys!


Here are my labels there ok for now but I’m wanting to get colour ones made soon. I use a dymo turbo printer with white labels and now been using the clear ones