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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


I want you as my secret santa person next year… I’m going to send ya a set of sippy cups…


I changed my mind… a sippy cup won’t help, you don’t have a problem drinking, you just holding your hmmmmm fluids… I don’t know why the term “gag reflex” comes to mind… lol


Threw this together for my buddy’s new line of juice. What do you guys think?


simple but does the trick


Mucho Vape - Snake Oil


Mucho Vape - Banana Split

Mucho Vape - Pistachio Nuts

Mucho Vape - Strawberry Fog


Hi Guys

I only joined a few hours earlier so a big hello to you all :smile:

Totally new to DIY juice (3 weeks actually with just PG/VG and a few concentrates) A google result for vape recipes brought me to the Forum so I signed up and was inspired by this posting - to make a conceptual label.

It’s not to scale or anything - just some fun :wink:


I was thinking of making a juice line called “Ellicit” and and have hardcore Porn all over the label



Pretty cool panda label


You did a good job. Can you tell me what font did you use for this or can you send me a template? ai, psd etc…


Thanks for the positive feedback and likes guys - like I said, just a bit of fun on a rainy day :slight_smile:

Simon the font was called cracked johnnie - i uploaded to dropbox if you wanted to download it and paste into your pc fonts folder (should then be able to use in any of your graphic software/programs :grinning:


My new labels came in yesterday I like the way they turned out

strong text


Very nice, I am looking for something that will incorporate a old time carnival look. I have no idea where to start.

I was looking at this for a logo and give it a tarnished background like an old fashioned carnival ticket. I don’t have the software to do this stuff. I plan on making 3 flavors. Thick Vanilla Carnival Custard - Gooey Carnival Caramel Custard. And Carnival Candy Strawberry Custard. .


I ordered mine through Vape Labels on Facebook it was all done through messenger, he had a design and proof sent to me within an hour and once approved had 500 labels printed and sent out the next day. He is in the United Kingdom but prices were excellent and I had my labels within a week.


Thank you Mike60 I will check him out. I just may do that.


Far from complete but the idea im going for


Very, Very impressive! The color, layout, graphics are just amazing Big, you really have a talent for this. Think my favorite is the chocolate brown label. These are so eye catching and futuristic. I would notice these from across the room immediately. My quaint labels, hand written on notebook paper, taped on the bottle, can’t hold a candle…lol.


Second mock up for this one lol
Still not sure


Nice labels. Are they on 30ml bottles? What dimensions are those (in mm :slight_smile: )


Some really talented people her! Someone should throw a competition :+1: