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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


Now I’m curious. How much did you pay for 500 labels?


I paid 76 dollars Canadin including shipping for the 500 labels so it worked out to about 15 cents each


Hey guys, I got sick of my labels getting wet so I had Warren at VapeLabels design some for me. Completely changed the name/graphics…as I just moved to Vegas. Kinda went with a Rocky Horror meets Batman theme. Pretty cool! Good prices and fast shipping even from the UK. Got 'em in a week!


Awesome labels but Mango Chutney?! :laughing:


ELiqFreak Do you do custom designs? Or have stock designs to sell?


Yea, I name all my juices with some sort of sexual undertone or now something that is related to Vegas Just having fun and making people check out Urban dictionary! LOL


Hey Benji are you interested in making something for me? Paid work.


I am starting a new vape company and am looking for someone to help me make the label/logo/brand. Serious inquiries only. This is paid work. Thank you.


Drop @Fenrir1 a pm he is a photoshop wizz and may be interested.


So not been able to design anything for a while. Thought I go for a minimal design as don’t really see that around that much.

This is what I came up with…



Hi every one ! I am super happy and excited to be apart of this community! Great work on all of the labels, you all have inspired me to create my own, Here is one of my designs !


here is another one of my designs !


i needed some wildly fun new labels and asked @Fenrir1 to make some for me. they make me laugh and he did a great job!:grinning:

flavors change all the time so i can write in the flavor at the label bottom in the smoke
got the labels mixed up @Fenrir1 with the watermark. its all good


Thanks bro for showing the finished labels. :thumbsup:


That’s pretty damn good. Great job @Fenrir1


Thanks bro, appreciate that.


I need one with a pic of a glum guy and it will be called

“This Shit Sucks Vapors”



I think we can sort something out :laughing:


is this better?