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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


have you tried that pebbles recipe yet?


It’s not duck tape, it’s clear packing tape, they said duck tape brand.
Sorry not trying to call you out just didn’t want you trying it with duck tape and it not working for you.


Yep, and I used Scotch brand packing tape.


Yea, I’ve made it a couple of times now. Pretty good, but not my favorite.


right on. Does it taste like fruity pebbles?

Rip Trippers has a fruity pebbles that tastes exactly like…


It’s close. a bit more fruity than cereal tasting IMO.


These look great!


Haha Yep @Cutlass92 I did note that it was the clear HD Packing tape made by Duck.


Thanks @VapeyMama I’ll give it a go then.:grinning:


I have the Scotch Brand Clear in stock so I’ll try that one first, thanks @VapeyMama


nice label would I be able to use this with slight editing? thanks


Hi acidmonkey94

Thanks for the compliment buddy

Of course you can use the image - it was made using paintnet on several layers - I can send a paint net file which retains all layers?
Let me know if I can be of assistance - but feel free to use buddy :+1::wink:



Hello everyone!!! Im green to this wonderful world of vaping. But Im interested in going fully commercial. I live in Panama, Panama and Ive been vaping for over a year now.
Started making my own juices about 6 months of getting my first vaping gear.
I currently own a Kangertech Kbox 200 with a Smok TFV8 and its wonderful!!.
Im going to start making eliquid commercially for sale here in Panama. I normally go for cloudchasing stuff, so I make my juices 100% VG, which paired with the Smok, are phenomenal!!
I’d like to know if someone can give me the sizes for bottle labels of 30ml and 50ml, as I want to start designing the labels in Photoshop.


Some of my favorite DIY labels. Easy to make using Avery Design and Print.Beaver BarkBerry CerealCowboyGrape Bubble GumMaui MilkOrange CreamciclePelican PunchRaspberrySpace Juice