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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


I have been fiddling w/ making custom labels and due mostly w/ help of the community, I am happy so far. I downloaded the free Gimp program and although a lot still has me stumped 'cause most guys don’t stop and ask for directions, got it to close enuff for now. I’d like to thank you guys for helping me w/ the initial file, you know who u are.

I left the top blank to fill in the name of the mix and when u do everything in layers you can easily switch information for vg/pg, nic etc.
I “accidentally” acquired someone else’s label which turned out neat since i mixed something of their’s. This got me thinking that besides just sharing your mixes, we could use their label also. It would almost be as if you bought their mix or they sent it to you. I have only done one other label but my mix shelf already has more “personality”, variety. It looks alot nicer then just typing “by John Doe”.
I am not sure how we can go about having a thread dedicated to just posting your labels in forms that others can use when they make your recipe. As i know and has been pointed out to me, It is difficult for a thread to stay focused on a subject or goal so i suppose we could give it a go here.
If interested in sharing your labels for others to use or give them ideas post em here.


I started my own ejuice brand and thought I’d share my design with you as it has a slight carnival look to it


This is a super fun idea! Im totally going to cruise through here and download people’s labels so I can do that if I make one of their mixes!


it sounded great to me, what i did so far was add peps avatars to my label



So freaking cool!!


SO COOL! I like your labels so much. Like a Pro!

Definetely I’m still a newbie. Much to learn. Must of the time I just handwrite a post it note and taped it in my big bottles batches. The smaller “carry-on” bottles are only color coded. :hushed:


that’s what most of us do, so don’t think you have to make custom labels, unless you want to of course.
I use scotch tape. I write the name of the recipe, how much nic. and the date I made it. Put it on the bottle and whamo.

I also have a label maker, which some of us use also.

Of course, if I had a lick of artistic ability, I would probably make my own labels too. :expressionless:


I wouldn’t call it newb. For almost two years I have used one of the paint sharpie pens. Name date and nic…and done. When it’s time to clean I use naI’ll polish remover and it wipes right off.

But in the spirit of the thread I do love all the labels posted. If I had the time I probably maybe do labels for my bottles.


brilliant. I am gonna try that. I have some of those paint pens just wasting away. Such a good idea. Wish I would have thought of it


The one I use is in the background to the left. One pen lasts me about 6 months. Initially I was thinking about buying puff paint but couldn’t find the ones that came in a pen style. But these sharpies do the trick and most people who see the bottles say it’s looks nice.


Woohoo! It worked!! I printed off some labels and transferred them onto packing tape to make a clear label. Check it out!!


That’s really cool!


Thanks! This was my first attempt so it’s a little wonky if you look too close, but I’m totally gonna do this more often (and hopefully get better at it).
Here’s the instructions in case anyone is interested:


That’s really cool!


Definitely need to try that!


You all are pretty fancy. Myself, I like to keep it simple. (Can you tell which one my wife labeled?)


That’s pretty much how the rest of mine look too. Its a lot less work. Lol


@VapeyMama that transfer tutorial looks really interesting, one question is if you soak the paper in water with the duck tape on, and peel the paper off, how does the label stick to the bottle?
Surely the adhesive is gone from the tape?
I would love to try this myself, but just wondering.


The adhesive actually was still on the tape! I rinsed the whole thing under running water and then layed it down adhesive side up until it dried. Once it was dry it was sticky again.