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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


Here’s an album of my current design



Be great if in the resources page on this site had a basic label template available for members and instructions how to use it and label sizes needed for each different types of bottle sizes. Then you could print the labels either from the downloaded template or from the webpage if the details could be added online perhaps. I would only be interested in it, from a personal Homebrew perspective not a commercial point though.

So all the sales stuff on the right of this excellent example label of big1nsig could be replaced with the actual recipe ingredients and percentages, maybe?

The info on the left would be ideal for homebrew still and something like a plain black circle in the middle etc that you could add the name of the mix inside it.

In my case I only have an ordinary Epson inkjet printer, so an option for plain and less colourful backgrounds would be a bonus as well, due to the costs of ink

No idea if this is possible, But I certainly would use it, if it could be done and was easy to use.

I realise this may be an impossible idea to implement and please ignore it if it is. But sometimes if you think out loud, Other can make it happen :slightly_smiling:


Nice labels in this thread, even the tape and sharpie labels!

I have a blank label format that I’m using for my work in progress mixes and when I mix recipes that I find online. Once I have a recipe locked down I customize that format for the flavor. I’ve only posted one public recipe on ELR so far (still getting my feet wet) and I plan on linking to labels with each.



I’m just doing these for myself. I have a sign company so when I need labels I squeeze them in the margins around other jobs. :blush:


Lovely work!


Thank you!


That is very nice! What kind of printer and what kind of labels are you using? I tried printing my labels but my printer is not up to the challenge.

Great job.


Thanks! It’s a 60" HP latex printer. It’s a little fuzzy in the fine text as that’s not what it was built to do but it’s acceptable for me. The labels are printed on adhesive back vinyl so application is very forgiving and liquid wipes right off with no issues.


Looking good. :ok_hand:


I have a Dell Color Laser printer that is a very nice printer. I think I had my image too large and when the printer had to scale it down everything got a little fuzzy. It has been awhile since I have done any printing but when I used to print decals for model railroaders I know this printer did extremely well with very fine printed text. I just have to get my image scaled down to 8.5 x 11 before adding the text and printing.


I’ve been wanting to upgrade the office printer, and the laser would probably be a better option for small decals. I never thought of using it for anything other than paper… you’ve opened my eyes :smile: Make sure you share a photo once you get your rescaling issue sorted out. I’d love to see how it comes out.

@Pattie - Thank you :relaxed:


My attempt at my own labels


New to the DIY scene and vaping at all tbh… heres my attempts WIP :slight_smile:



Very nice. :ok_hand: When i look at a juice with a name, i like to see a brief description of what flavour it is or generally i move on. Just a suggestion :yum:


Yeah definitely a good suggestion. Thanks


Same here in Arkansas, but soon as we pay 500 or so in fees we can sell… lol


Wow, I’m blown away by the creativity! I’m gonna need to get Photoshop open by the looks of things. I started selling juice to one of my friends, that friend turned into multiple friends and now my friends friends want some. I think a label would be a great way to move forward, at the moment they just get a bottle with juice in and that’s it lol.

What size are the labels everyone is using?


I was wondering this too. Also, what are people using to print this labels? Home printer, professional? Right now I’m just using a label maker that I recently found out my wife had in her home office. It only prints 1/2" labels but I’m getting by with it for now.


I’m using Avery 1 1/4 x 2 3/8 6872 print to the edge labels they work perfectly for 30ml and 50 ml bottles. I purchased a label design program for like 60 bucks but it’s not even half as good as averys online free one.