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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


Hey @Big1nsig here is a label i started to design but could really do with your talents. would you be able to design me a logo for eddspin’s or a label design
regards and loving your work


this is the generic label I have printed at the moment, I use gold number stickers for the MG and have left a space in the smoke for flavour, vg/pg etc. bit of a typo in the warning (damn proofreading- facepalm)


That looks pretty cool to me!


thankyou, i feel its not good enough though :confused: lol


Hello my friend, i have downloaded your template, but it is blank. It´s a MS Word document whith nothing inside.


@Lenin, That first link is just a link to the Avery Labels template on their website.

@Big1nsig, your Single Label Download link is broken and the Full Sheet Download link pulls up the Single Label design.


Thanks bud, nobody told me that I screwed up my links.
I’ve fixed the links now, and double checked to make sure they’re working.

Happy vaping!


Very nice I do like the colours and fonts, something like that i would love to use for my bottles too, just not good at designing.

Liked all the ones you did


May I ask what is the fonts used and any chance I may use this desig please, I will try and make one, but do like this


Here is my example but think its a bit busy


looks cool though, lot goin on, is that Iron Maidens ‘Eddie’ I can see in the background…?


Yea sure is, not good at making things clean, always try to overthink and put to much in lol

been inspired from the above ones, so gonna have a go again, see if I can keep it clean and lean just need to find some of that nice looking fonts like PSY_labs gold ones, do like them alot


As a graphic designer my opinion is that “less is more” a lot of times. Keeping things clean and simple can actually look way better on many designs.
One thing to think about is that it isn’t you as a creator the design is made for, it is made for the recipient and for them it has to be easy to take in all the information you put on (in this case) a label .

Just want to point out that my post isn’t any criticism to any designs posted in this thread, i was talking in general that’s all.


you can google ‘free photoshop fonts’ there’s literally millions to choose from, it’s where I got the one for mine :+1:


Coo thanks will have a play, much appriciated
Well had a quick look far too many to hunt through at the moment, will have a good look about tomorrow me thinks


Here’s a site that has tons of free fonts… pretty well organized too and you can preview your text.



Agree that it is a bit busy… also I would make the unicorn on the unicorn more pronounced.


Yea was just one of the first images i came accross, far too busy


Cool thanks will have a look


:open_mouth: …Big Insig… as in Big Insig’s Slurm recipe? :smiley:
and I use medical tape with permanent marker XD no distribution factors though. I only make for myself