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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


I could provide the Adobe InDesign file for those of you with the right software.
It’s setup like my post that started this thread, little bubbles to fill in the nic strength. I could change it to be just a dotted line to write in… Actually that’s what I’ll do.

The design isnt done yet, I’ll try and work on it over the weekend but I’m super busy with my 3 jobs… :smile:


Heres my first attempt at a label:
For the Nicotine strength indication I would just use black sticky dots or a marker pen


Ok yeh that would be brill, adobe illustrator or indesign format would be good then it could be edited when needed


Hey if you sell any juice I get royalties. :wink:


Sounds fair! :wink:


OK all you label pro’s, are any of you making your labels on plastic film as opposed to a paper label? I’d like to know what printer, program, and brain you use to do them. If you don’t mind sharing that is.

thanks guys


Paper or plastic maam? and do you do the graphics or just slap an image on it, I have an idea for a label for my stuff but I hate the paper labels and the ink that smudges when a drop of juice hits it.


I used a couple apps on my phone to make that label. If I had them made I’d probably just have them printed by someone else on waterproof stickers.


That’s kinda what I’m looking for, only a person that would do a few for me I don’t need a bunch. I have an idea for a label but having trouble finding the exact graphic for it.


I would attempt it myself but when it comes to artistic I’m much closer to autistic


@GPC2012 What are you after?

You could print the labels on paper and use a clear sticky plastic over the top with a 1/4 inch border to stick to the bottle.


That’s actually a really good idea. I might try that! Way cheaper than actual labels and it’s just for me and the hubby anyway.


Presently I label the bottle then cover it with clear tape but after a while and the fact that I use plastic bottles and squeeze them a micro drop always seems to get under the clear tape and the label starts to run. I have 4 or 5 bottles with commercial labels on them from Bionic Vapor they are from my last order and I have three of BV recipes that I use I’m still on the first set of labels that I peeled off his bottle and put on mine they stick like there is no tomorrow and yet should I choose to peal them off they peel right off and don’t disintegrate as I try.


I looked around at some print companys to print just 10 labels so i could see how they look, soooo expensive!


I lot of setup in printing labels so printing only a few is not cost effective. I work for a large printing company.


I bought one of these at an Estate sale for $5. It didn’t have a power supply so no one bought it and I got it on the last few hours of the sale (deep discounts!) …then i went out in the garage and rummaged through a huge box of all the computer tv cable and found the power supply (!) Score! Now lemme see if I can find plasticy labels for it (thermal printer) …doubtful but some packing tape over the label sounds like an idea! thanks guys

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo


@Bearkat is correct if you were trying to be frugal professional printing would likely be cheaper especially for getting something you’re familiar seeing on any commercial products (vinyl/waterproof). I just measured a 30 ml label and it’s 1 3/4" X 3 1/4 -> 3 1/2" Drilling the webs…

Here ya go @Anonymiss @VapeyMama waterproof labels for your regular Inkjet printer 1.3125" x 2.75"

Here’s the description of why it’s water resistant


Trying to like this but im all out of love… thanks @BoDarc


Well friends the moment that many of you have been waiting for!

I’ve finally gotten around to posting my custom DIY sticker labels for everyone to use!
First off I’d like to thank everyone for their posts, so many great labels and plenty of excellent conversation.

Single Label
Sheet of Labels

The label is 3.5"x1.5" and I’ve uploaded 2 different PDF layouts:

  1. Single label with crop marks (for placement on your own templates)
  2. Sheet of 10 labels with crop marks (for printing on a full sticker sheet) Link

There’s plenty of room for DIY data that are self explanatory. I’ve also added 6 boxes which let you rate the quality of steep each week. I use a rating out of 10.

I have included my own logo and website for the time being just to spread the website and Instagram.

Looking forward to your feedback and wether or not you’ll use them. I’ve got a table covered in them!

Happy Vaping!


This is my newest, love designing new labels!